The Story Of How I Was Given The Name Yeshua

I will tell you a story about my name, Yeshua. I have been hesitant to use this name. Maybe because the more information one becomes, the longer the road to become it. In simple terms, "it takes time for one to catch up." What I am about to say is sacred. It should be regarded with the dignity that it deserves, as befits the Supreme One and all the benevolent celestial beings who operate on the law of ultimate freedom (unbounded by time-space) and therefore ultimate love (the only ones who possess the keys). I should say, I only suspect this part is true. From here on, I will only tell the story according to what I know for certain.

I was given the name Joshua at the zenith of an epic journey of my own salvation. So strong was my intention of survival and oneness with Yehuveh (the ultimate divine reality, my ultimate nameless source though it was a helpful tool to invest power in a divine name and the One to which I had been accustomed for all my life up until that point, which I knew was, like everything, not merely by chance but by design), so strong, that I entered a trance state, a state of bliss and oneness where I had no doubt whatever that I was being guided step by step. This was the first time I had ever found the complete liberation that I had been seeking. Time and space collapsed into the eternal Moment.

To make a long story short, since I am to focus on the name that I was given at the apex of this journey: By the eleventh day I had entered into the realm of celestial beings, and I realized that they had come to speak with and observe me. It was as if I had teleported through the power of consciousness alone into a world that looked mostly the same physically yet I was able to perceive as being two worlds at once (like a surreal awakened and unified world superimposed over the old world of suffering)--and I had gained the perspective of omniscience as I had sacrificed myself to be a perfect channel for Source to become me in each moment, where His will was operative, not mine, yet also mine since my will was also His. I must say that this was in 2003, I was 22, and I had never taken any mind-altering substance, not even marijuana.

I had become overnight a prophet, and had realized this was my assignment. It moved me to tears of joy as I could feel myself being transformed in the presence of pure divine cosmic energy such as I had never experienced before or quite so intensely since. My fear of men was removed on a train ride when my own Dad who had represented the negative black force that was holding me down had physically sat on top of me to keep me from excitedly giving a cheerful witness to all whom I was guided to talk to on the train who had welcomed discussion. But again, I digress. On to the name.

As it happened, I was not to go on to St. Louis from Portland with my dad in the way that he had planned. After he had obstructed me and the angel Gabriel in human form came to my rescue, we were forced off the train in a little town called Pasco, Washington. I knew what was going on, and was perfectly calm, although my dad was frantically freaking out in a panic because he was unaware of the greater story that was playing out.

We were standing side by side facing the stairs of the motel that we were shown, and I received a telepathic message in accordance with my wish that my dad would witness an "angel" with me (I also got the message these "angels" were us humans in higher and clearer dimensions of psychic vision. I was an angel in this context, and they viewed me as one of them, although I was a baby). No more than a minute after I had this thought, a saintly looking woman in a long flowing dress slowly descended the spiral staircase in front of us. With no doubt in my mind, I declared to my dad standing by: "Look! Here comes an angel now, in midheaven!"

She came and stood right before us, fully present with us, as if she had nowhere else to go or be in that moment. My dad asked her in a condescending tone if she would please tell his son that she was not an angel, in order to bust my delusion that I was having any kind of mystical experience. She patiently and lovingly smiled and said, "But I AM an angel!"

She made it clear to me with her eyes that she was here to see me, not my Dad, because we both knew that he in his egocentrism did not have the real authority or ability to see the truth. He was challenging. I was believing. Only when one lets go of one's former beliefs to trust in what is present can one chance to see it.

So this "angel" for lack of a better term told us her name was Lucy which I inferred meant "Light," although she communicated to me telepathically that this was a watered down version of her true name. When I asked her my name, however, she replied without any hesitation, "Joshua!" with a tone that was as if to say, "Of course! This is your name that we all know you by in this realm." And she took me aside and gave me instructions to go home with my father which was a confirmation of what I knew was what I had been guided to do, and she added, "come down from whatever 'drug' you're on," which I took to be a metaphor for the state of awareness in which my consciousness was accelerating in a human form, and lastly, she instructed me, "finish your education," which I understood in a broad sense, which paralleled the fact that I had suspended my college course in the humanities in order to experience this sabbatical. This was also a prophecy moreso than instruction, as it was my destiny (something I had to do in order to grow in the Divine plan for me).

When I returned home and returned to a "normal" state of human awareness, I researched the name "Joshua," and discovered it was the equivalent to the Hebrew Yehosha/Yeshua which was also the name of Jesus, the anointed one. It means, "Yahweh/Yehuveh/Jehovah IS SALVATION."

As this event was a pivotal turning point in my life, I was given an important name as it befits my true kosmic identity. I am living proof of the Light and the Way and the Eternal Truth, as having offered myself as a conduit for the Truth to be known in due time on Earth in this Age, that Yahweh---the essence of the evolution, of the Becomingness, the Great Cause and Source--IS SALVATION. In due time, through me, this truth shall be known.

As you can imagine, it's a difficult thing to accept a new name, much less one that someone claims to be an angel gives you, much less when that name is more or less the same as Jesus. For obvious reasons, I can't go around telling people that I'm Jesus. If I told people that I'm Jesus, they'd get the wrong idea. I don't even fully know what it means that I've been given this name. I'm still searching for answers.

I could go by the name Joshua, but that's too commonplace for the manner in which my name was received, which is why I've decided to use the form Yeshua when I do speak of it, which is the Hebrew form of the name Joshua. So for the past 9 years, I've kept my name Jory with this whole incident in the back of my mind, waiting until more is revealed. More HAS been revealed about my identity (in the cosmic sense one could say), but that's another story, probably many stories.
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Jul 7, 2012