Incarnated Fairy Friends

I have always been a little different. Even when I tried to fit in. It never worked out. There seems to be something about me and people sense it. As if I'm a green bird among grey ones. Even if the bird dugs himself into grey dust for a day the green will sooner or later shine through.

As I'm different I always felt drawn to a certain kind of people. When I look back I have never been good friends with normal and very popular people or people with mainstream styling. I was always hanging around with crazy or freakish people or people who just are different. I couldn't explain why.

Since I found out that the reason for this is I'm in incarnated fae I finally understand why I did never fit in even when I tried so hard to be accepted. Fairies are born to shine and stand out, they just are crazy and colourful you just can't help it. And I found several of my friends being incarnated nature spirits, too. I even think a teacher of mine is.

Some of them just have something crazy. When I see some of them I instantly know 'oh, fairie', 'oh, giant' 'oh, gnome'.

Two very good examples:
She is smiling like the sun, crazy, wears colourful ethno - fashion and dreads and would like to be a hippie. She loves earth and wants to help her she is vegitarian and lives in a house you would consider as a witches or fairy house.Their garden is a real fairy garden and I don't think they have any idea^^ She reads a lot of fantasy books.

My other friend has the humour of a fairy. She's punk, stands up for what she believes in and plays gituar in a band. Okay that's not typical for a fairy you would say. Maybe it isn't. But she's got something very mischievous. Nature spirits don't obey stupid rules because they are free. Important fact:
She loves mermaids since she was a child. She loves to swim and loves to watch h2o just ad water (great series) and stuff like this. She even brought a mermaid's tale and went swimming with it.

Some examples :)

Pretty all of the members of my clique are incarnated nature spirits I can feel it. I'm happy to be with them here. They feel like home to me.


Incarnated beings very often beam with something that expresses their origin. They have certain interests or behaviours or skills. Most incarnated nature spirits actually LOOK like they come from this realm. Sometimes you can tell by looking straight at them.

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thats really cool, your lucky to have people around that are actually like you, i think us angels are spread a little to far apart lol.

just look with your heart, dear :) it will tell you at once if you have some angels near you. beware, most of them don't even know what they are. and secondly there is no 'apart' just the illusion of it... all one :)

Sometimes I feel as though I am a reincarnated bear. <br />
<br />
I mean it is a little silly, and I've never had a deep interest in bears, but it seems that what I am. <br />
<br />
If you've ever heard what a Spirit Animal/Guide is, I know he/she is a bear, I have seen him/her before, be it in dreams, or in reality. <br />
<br />
Whenever it shows up, it's always there to scare me. <br />
But only to scare me away from any real danger.

incarnated bear? why not. Maybe the bear wanted to have a human experience ;)

Seems possible.