I've been having lots of dreams of where I was an angel and had to fight demons....I won't goo much about it for that'd be another post.

anyway I just had a dream like today. where there was a war going on earth where demons walked the earth in human form and the same with angels. I dreamt where I was an angel and during this war humans didn't know that there was a war on like everything was normal for them but the demons would kill the humans. So I started singing silent night to make myself known to humans what was going on and demons that I was near. I then sang very loud, loud enough to break the windows of the mall but so beautiful but people muffled the sound with their hands. oh and btw I don't remember the whole entire dream just segments.
anyway back to where I left off people knew what was happening and ran to hide some people just went on with their daily lives. I then encountered a demon he was walking like he was on a misson on get humans so I fought him he was black and stalky like an orc in lord of the rings sorry but it was the best decription I could think of, the face was normal but black he also had wings black too. I then too had wings but white and a white cloak on when we fought we fought with no weapons and both our wings were hinged back. I knew I was fighting my own an angel I felt sad but I had to fight....it was kind of like I knew him. This war was between angels and angels brothers against brothers and sisters against sisters....just like a fight between good and evil jedi's. It was sad but I knew what I had to do. Then I wokeup.
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You have the holy angels, and the fallen angels. All angels. God is so good he gave angels free will, just like he did man kind. Those Fallen angels are still amongst us today. although most are not aware, the fight is going on now. Behind the scenes, it will eventually spill onto the eyes on man kind. Fight for the good of all things, and with heart & soul. In this story, the good will prevail.

This is true good will always prevail