Dream Awhile Back But I Will Remember It Well A Part Of It

I remember in my dream I was at a water park not water park O>o lol it's like a water ride but at the same time no ride anyways I was walking back from the ride but at the same time there was the seat for the ride o.0?? ya I know I don't get it either haha anyways there was an old lady she sat on the seat and this seat was like 4 ft up with stairs so she sits on the seat with her friend and she's having a heart attack and her friends panicking so I use my wings not caring if the people in line see me or not but catch her bc she's about to fall and hold her I like hold her she's like suffering and I hold her to like kill her but not kill like to let her die and I'm crying I could feel her pain that she was going through......
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no problem aeirs14, bye.

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thats beautiful. Sometimes i have weird dreams too but i don't remember them too well. Once i dreamt i was a brown skin woman, which may not sound weird but i'm really a guy...anywayz someone threw a cutlass at me and i had to lie down flat on the ground to dodge it, really funny huh.

than you very much....and thank you for also sharing your experience
take care