My Beliefs Part One (no I Don't Care What You Think. Just Sharing)

This is a repost from another group

Not too long ago, a former friend asked me what I believed in, what I thought to be the truth. This is a big question for me as I am not usually one to put my beliefs on display for others to pick apart, and quite frankly my beliefs are no so simple that they can be easily stated or summed up in the few paragraphs that most of the users of some web site would have the attention span to finish.

This same former friend asked me what I taught others. That question is easy.

I don't. I present information. The choice to believe, listen, take to heart as your own or throw it away as rubbish is completely up to the listener.

Well if I'm going to explain this then let me tell you up front, I don't use all the same names and terms in my beliefs that most of you do, but I will do my best to keep it to the common terms so that you can get where I'm going and we don't get off on the stupid, "that wasn't that guy that was this guy" debate.

Now where to begin?

I suppose that I should follow the example of those that came before me and start where my beliefs started

To get it, because trust me it gets twisted, you have to understand what it is based on. What its foundation is.

I'm an Irishman raised in the deep deep South of the United states. You can see how I could get a little ... how would you say?
intermingled in my beliefs. But here we go...

"In the beginning"

In the Old testament, primarily the five books of Moses, the ancient Hebrews began to write about an all powerful God. You can call Him or Her what you want, but if you want to know the being was originally known as EL. (Didn't you ever wonder why all the angel names end in -el? Didnt you know that meant "of God"?)

That's right... Not Jehovah, Yehovah, YHVH, I AM, or anything else. Just EL.

Betcha Doreen Virtue never told you THAT did she?

And this was a big achievement for the early Jews. Contrary to popular belief they didn't start out one race under God. They actually were at one time a people with quite a diverse multi god filled pantheon. They most popular of which was Ba'al. God of fertility, storms, the mountains, etc.

But the point is that they got there and the fact that they were able to conceive of just one god made them, at that time, very unique, as it was virtually unheard of.

And since they had only one god. That God could sometimes be one of contradictions. He was a God of Love, but also one of Wrath and Vengeance.

I hear a lot of people bring up all the things that the Father ever got angry about. All the things that He said you could die for. All the times He called for the death of some people.

And then they want to grin like an idiot, as if this makes them right about everything they ever believed and ask, "Oh would a God of Love do something like this?"

You bet your *** He would.

I cant speak to the God that other people worship, Father is not some distant being that lurks like a hiding coward in the sky. Some all powerful voyeur who is looking for the human race to act as His serfs or even worse His slaves.

He is just as I call Him. He is a Father. He is a parent. And you mess with his kids, yes He gets angry and vengeful. He is primarily bountiful and merciful and gentle, but that doesn't mean the He is a pushover that will let the guilty get away scott free

I mean in the book of Genesis alone, he cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden, He sends the Flood, rains fire and brimstone down on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and later he will let the Jews wander the desert for 40 years, all because they kept disobeying.This was a God that had chosen His people and punished His people if they were sinful and did not worship him properly.

No I'm not going to debate the "feminine" or whether or not you agree with me. I don't care. My story. Go write your own.

Faith in the one God remained strong for a while, then the inevitable debate came up. Well if God made everything and there is evil in the world, then did God, at least by proxy create evil?

Heh, that one I'm not going to get into. I have stated some of my beliefs on this before and some agree ... some don't. Again, not my concern

It didn't take long for people to grow uncomfortable with the existential dilemma of expressing thanksgiving to the same deity whom they held responsible for all the trouble in life. And from the ancient texts there starts to arise a shadowy figure. Where it goes from there is a matter of debate as well. most think that its Satan, Lucifer (but if you think Lucifer was an angel you really need to go check out Sefriel's story about it.) Iblis, and even some think that it is the God of the Old testament Himself who is a pretender God to the one of the New testament... but yeah.. we will get to all that later

So now we have solved the issue, We have in one corner God who is the author of all things good, fuzzy, light and love. And in the other corner, we have the Devil the bringer of all the problems that people face on a day to day basis.

Let me go ahead and get out my opinion that I think the Devil gets a bad wrap. No I don't think he is innocent or good, and no I'm not a Satanist. But to my knowledge the only being in the current universe that is supposed to be omnipotent is the Father Himself. And if Iblis was responsible for even half the crap some of you pull, he would have to be OMNI omnipotent.

Yes, Satan as a scapegoat. You heard me.

Don't like it? Grow the Hell up and quit blaming the boogeyman for the fact that you just aren't as nice a person as you like to think you are.

Early in the Hebrew bible, Satan is described as being in the service of God. But in time, he grows more rebellious and subversive..until he ultimately becomes unwilling to bow down in the service of God.

Ha-satanis the Hebrew word, " the adversary".

But you know what else? He wasn't really the Father's right hand man in the beginning like so many like to believe. Ha-satanis was just one of these low level heavenly functionaries whose job it is to move between Heaven and earth and report back to God.

scriptually, Satan's steady rise in power reaches its greatest height in the New Testament, where he becomes the ultimate creator of all the world's tragedies and horrors. Or so most of you would like to believe.

But again, don't misunderstand. I'm not saying that there isn't a Dark One, I have just studied and seen enough to know that its that you have the wrong one. And that most people would rather regurgitate the mistakes that have been preached for centuries or twisted by some New Age scam artist rather than actually read for themselves.

And, as I said, there is a Dark One. You all just have the WRONG Dark One.

Again, getting ahead of myself, sorry.

And what was the purpose of this set up?

Well you have the perfect dualistic system now don't you?

You have the all knowing all loving God and you have the Source of all evil, The Prince of Lies, Satan. It sets the stage for a great series of skirmishes that will not have a conclusive winner until the final climatic battle over the souls of humanity. Armageddon.

If you want to have a hero you've got to have a villain right?

More later... I think I might have reached the limit of the ADD sufferers for one night
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Haha, "I don't care. My story. Go write your own." Perfection.

As I said in the title, these are my beliefs. Youre welcome to disagree and, as I did on part two, I'll be more than happy to give you chapter and verse of what I read.<br />
<br />
But there won't be a debate.<br />
<br />
My beliefs won't change and I'm not trying to change yours either..<br />
<br />
Like I said... I was just sharing

I cant agree with much of what You've said so far,but i read on before i debate!