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Been a while since I posted something anyways here it goes. Some will disagree or agree and probably will argue on this topic. However I have learned and figured out a bunch of stuff on my own and I have come to a realization. Why is it so important to most about being an Angel and being the reincarnation of some famous Angel. I think we are all the same and start from the same level in which one of these levels would be an Angel. I think it all has to do with your spiritual growth and lessons that allow you to climb higher and higher to new levels of self and being. A butterfly starts as a caterpillar then into a pupa...then emerges as a butterfly with its wings. That is the most simplest way I can explain spiritual growth towards an Angel and getting your wings is apart of the process(I see mine as light). Also How do we know the "Devil" or "Lucifer" is even real and not just a simple thought form that someone wrote in a book called "The Bible", how do you trust that? Why not think for yourself and learn about yourself with yourself like it was meant to be. I thought I was Uriel when I had my spiritual awakening and I am proud to say I am not him, I just learned from him which made it feel like I was him. I am not a famous Angel or anything ether, instead I learned that I am newly created, still a baby and not even close to the higher ranks. Don't get me wrong I know (we all know) that there is a God and more Gods but none compare to the original Creator, and I think we all have the potential to become like a God or our own God. In the end of our growth I think we are all just masses of conscious energy that can manifest and do anything we please, and the drop of the Ego and Self is a big start, along with love and light. So if you want people to take you seriously and take yourself seriously about being an Angel...Just know we are no better or more special then anything else in the Universe, we are all the same and one in this huge sea of energy. Before some start flaming me about my other comments on other stories, yeah that makes me a hypercrit and a child for pretending to be something I am not and living the fantasy...but that's over now and me letting go of that revealed to me what and who I really am and one day I will complete my journey and become something so much bigger then I once was and am now... and I hope you do too. Ciao
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RE<br />
<br />
"Also maybe our God just created the Angelic race and because of that we worship him."<br />
<br />
I wonder about that,<br />
let say humans really do have angelic souls,<br />
because they come from heaven,<br />
but what if it is NOT SO...<br />
<br />
Because humans have the potential to go dark,<br />
they can go bad...<br />
totally going off on the "wrong road"<br />
would that still make them angels,<br />
or just fallen?<br />
or leave the angel part out before fallen,<br />
and just call them fallen and demonic,<br />
to avoid confusion!!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
Thus I think humans are all just another species of djinn,<br />
because they can go either way,<br />
like bi-sexuals...two sides to them,<br />
they can choose which one to use.

So strange because the first thing she tells me while I am on the phone before Insay anything at all is that she went to the eye doctor the day before and they put the drops in her eyes and shined the light and at that moment still could not see was asking me when it would clear up? I at that moment had just came from the eye doctor from the same thing stopped by my work and was working on the computer without my glasses or anything a d seeing better then before I went tomthe doctor. So i had no clue what to tell her and did not mention at all my good news because I was saddened bY the news she said to me.

Hi Andru,<br />
I like your story. I have only felt wings the one time when I was very emotionalmat the time. We were chatting actually about it also. My eyes I spoke to you about the day they changed due to you were the only one here with a story about eyes. My eyes are gettIng stronger and better. Innotice when I am emotionally upset it is like an automatic response for me to stare at the sun. I was worried a couple months back about my eyes because they seemed to be getting poorer eyesight. I went to the eye doctor and he said my glasses were too strong I no longer have astigmatism at all. Both my eyes are equal for the first time in my life. I now onlynhave to buy one box of contacts and never have to worry about getting the left and right mixed up :-) It was so strange too because Right after the appointment I wanted to share the good news of my eyes tommy mom because she knows all about my bad eyes fromthe first time Inever went to eye doctor in fifth grade due tomI flunked eye exam with school nurse.

Just to get the record straight,<br />
I have seen many people claiming to be Uriel,<br />
Two women also came into this forum saying they were either Uriel or the feminine Ariel,<br />
That is why you can ask which one is the real one then?<br />
If everyone thinks they are the same Angel then who is the real Uriel?<br />
<br />
As for wings and light,<br />
It is a good statement,<br />
But I wonder do you think some don't have light around them at all?<br />
I always wonder about that because I think each spirit has the potential to embrace the inner light and making it shine,<br />
If only they want to be aware of it,<br />
Then they too can fly on Eagle's wings...

what do you mean exactly by "light" when you ask do some have not light at all?
we use this term "light" in so many ways, but what is it we mean exactly? counsciousness? soul? energy? the good, the possitive side? it means just light from the sun? so many meanings for just a word...
what are you searching for exactly? you will find your anwser if you find the correct question.

I believe everyone has light, it just vibrates differently... the difference lies in the brightness... those who are not spiritually aware HAVE A DIM light surrounding them... their light is almost non-existent... and the more they just exist, spiritually unaware, the more their light get sucked away from them!