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On The Right Track - Honey Or The Sting

1. Your family have been enriched by your pursuit of the truth
2. Your family have less conflicts
3. Your family are closer and are happy to be seen together
4. Your neighbour knows that they can ask for help from you
5. You and your neighbour share stories together
6. You are in harmony with you and you see the harmony of creation
7. You are true to your husband-wife/lover and would never cheat

How do we know if our learning is learning or just a way to dominate (Sting them with actions/words)
Your family/friends are the reflection on your inner harmony the sweetness over the darkness of this material life.

The Tao of Pooh
Through working in harmony with life's circumstances, Taoist understanding changes what others may perceive as negative into something positive.

Those who have no compassion have no wisdom. Knowledge, yes; cleverness, maybe; wisdom, no. A clever mind is not a heart. Knowledge doesn't really care. Wisdom does.
Benjamin Hoff: The Tao of Pooh

Oh Poo........
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