Help Me Please.

I am 23 year old boy from India. I have been trying to control myself from drinking blood and eating raw meat. I don't know why but the urge is getting stronger and stronger and i need someone to please help me. In my dreams which i can remember i am always soaked in blood and now even when i am writing about it i am drooling. This urge keeps on getting stronger and now i even think of getting some blood from blood bank. And if by chance i drink my own blood the thirst increase at a rate at which i get urge of killing some one. Please help me this thing is making me mad. One more thing i don't know whether this is relevant or not but i am also getting color blind and i don't have any problem in my eyes. Please help me. Please help me before i get mad.
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@13 beware of hindu "holy men" some will defraud you, you should eat holies like them who swindle ppl pretending to be god lmao, you would do all the confused new agers a favour and prevent them from getting misled.


I wonder why smart arses like you have to go and see holy men?

I thought you knew it all already, clearly you do not, so stop acting like it... It looks like you need to seek council about many a thing, a far cry from the "know all vibe/persona" you wish to exude and make us believe *sigh* whatever flaots your imaginary boat lou!

You don't question like us, you just say pretending you know because you don't want to LOOK small like us... No you wanna look big and wise but it just makes you look more like a fool than anything else!


The holies have troubles too.... Don't think they are so holy as they appear to be, for they are driven mad by their thirst for seeking and searching meaning... They know full well they don't know it all, but appearances can deceive... And Ego/Pride having an air around you thinking you know all can be tempting even for holy/wise men!!!!

Tomorrow lou will be the "wise man's" messenger, he has something lou needs and lou has something he needs from him, now they both are going to get it to prove "that no one is the full keeper of the Mystery" they boast about, since a Mystery cannot be contained in mere one mind or separate individual...

Yet tomorrow they will see in each other's presence that they are BOTH FOOLS when it comes to God really, since the Mystery don't like being made fun of when a human thinks it can demarcate it in precise borders of knowledge/wisdom/physical make-ups/ego designs...

Tomorrow two "wise old men" would be made two dumb men in each other's presence... That my friend is the HUMBLING effect of Spirit, they should both know but forgot due to pride thinking they know it all...tomorrow they will humble each other due to their lack of knowledge in each other's presence, that would be the purpose of their so called meeting! When God tells you "be smart enough to know you don't know it all, you are not ME!!!"

Lol no I wasn't talking about physical nutrients, I was talking about spiritual food!

If he is willing to pay for the consequences there is nothing we can do for him really!
If he wants this so bad then we can't help him really!
All we can do is WARN him and if his desire for BLOOD overrides his desire for salvation then we can't do anything about it.

He further posted here for "help"...
Part of the CHOICE he made to post here
Involves taking on the consequences,
Having to deal with harsh criticism and judgements...
What did he expect?
That we would enfold him in arms of a happy love circle and tell him it is okay to HUNT, skin and eat people,
That we would join the bloody hunt party?

Really lou grow up!

He thinks of harming people,
And what we can do to help him,
Is to make him see what he wants to become is not really worth harming himself in the process,
So fine he wants to kill people but taking a life always come with a price and serious consequences for the mind,
If you are really the adult you say you are,
You would tell him that he can become whatever he wants,
Be it a bloodsucking vampire or cannibal chewing on eyeballs,
But he must be willing to pay the price accordingly.

As for the new agers,
They too if they want to take lives to cleanse the earth for the new EDEN to come,
They must be willing to pay the price for their murderous DEEDS on the otherside....
Because no matter how hard they try to make earth HEAVEN it would never be,
And there would be hell to pay on the other side!!!!!
If they are willing to live in a temporary EDEN on earth after the genocide of the filthy/fallen souls but to embrace an eternal hell afterwards then they made that choice and should be able to live with it.

So hey cannibal guy
If you want to catch and eat people,
You must be willing to pay the price,
And sit in jail or take death penalty for your HUNGER for blood!!!!

@ Mystik,
I would suggest you read your post again.. you have been doing so well and now here you go off on that old tangent.

This kid lives in India.. if that mean any thing to you and the rest of these comments... He needs what is most lacking in the place he lives..

@ 13.... sorry ....

Iron deficiency? Cool so blood will make him stronger...But I am afraid if he really thinks himself to be some CANNIBAL he might really go out and kill someone literally, oh the dangers of the new age movement... Do you new age slime balls see now???? What dangers lies in believing yourself to be something you are not?The same with someone thinking themselves to be Angels here to wage war against demons... They can easily make any innocent fool out to be a demon and go and kill him with a machette knife, or a kill bill ninja sword they buy off e-bay... What a blood bath, literally... Oh well but they are here to save the world against creatures of darkness bleh, so why would anyone really care, for they are doing good aren't they?I don't even want to know how many people the "ascension" freakers culled by now to genocide the earth to make it pure... If I were thinking of joining a new age cult I would think twice, especially if they want some genocide and demand you to KILL in the name of some war between good and evil to bring EDEN to earth!!!<br />
<br />
PS did you know words can KILL more souls than a simple knife taking but one life out of a false belief?

Maybe you should check yourself into the hospital, before you hurt yourself or anyone else. I personally never heard of such a thing, except for people with odd eating disorders called pica. At the hospital they will calm you and maybe give you some medicine and have you speak to a psychitrist. Do not eat raw meat or drink blood, it could make you really sick.

LOL especially with all the AIDS going around!

Just know that eating raw meat is bad for you and drinking blood, there are so many huge consequences to your health for doing that. Perhaps by keeping that in mind, it'll help you control yourself from what you don't want. Your body isn't meant to take all that. I care for your health and I hope you care for it too. I don't know if you believe in God, but I'm just letting you know I'm praying for you man. You'll be okay :)

Yep I read about a hunter that had a fetish for raw meat, once he skinned a squirrel and ate it raw... And he caught rabies and died a few hours later... They said if he cooked the meat, he would have killed the rabie bug!!!! But no he was too hungry to prepare a decent meal, too lazy to care! Rofl

Oh then as what do you think yourself?

A ferocious beast? Rofl

The boogie man?

Your problem is in your head,
There is a reason why you are running around thinking yourself a vampire,
You could be hiding behind this persona some trauma of the past or something,
As a coping mechanism!

i m not thinking myself as vampire.

as weird as this may seam.. this may be related to a defficiency in Iron and B-12 vitamin... its the color blindness that gave me the hint...

need for blood may mean that the body seeks the iron in it....
lack of B-12 cause lack of iron and color blindness...

one way or another this guy needs psychological and physical help from a professional...

Yes he needs spiritual help...he clearly knows that his soul has gone haywire somewhere!

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