The Death Of The Strongest Tree

In the back of my house there is a old old forest...
it has never been cut, from memory of men, and it has never had any forest fire, for memory of men aswell, so god only knows how old it is...

a forest has different cycles, like a human, in its life.

When it is very very old, its like a old man.
its sometimes takes bad habits...
The bad habbit of my old forest is to have more beech in it than any other trees.
The beechs grow in the darkest, oldest forest.
Its the strongest tree, we could almost call him the "ego of the forest" for he wants to take all the light from the others, for himself.

They make big branches that clouds the sun, from all the other trees and plants, so the other sorts of trees die, of lack of sun.

After many many years, there is almost no other sort of trees in the forest... the forest transforms itself from a diversified forest, to just one sort of trees... and that is not very good for the forest, cause this one tree, brings unbalance.

it transforms the soil, to suit its preference, more acidic.

its leaves are like poison for the other plants when in autumn they fall, they contain substance, that inhibits other plants from growing.

their roots go extremely far and take all the water for the others..

they reproduce like crazy all around.

and on top of all, their leave are not very comestible for animal

We could say of the beech that it is the strongest of trees... it can survive in the hardest condition, in the darkest forerst

but making things his way in the forest, he creates unbalance...
the forest becaumes darker and darker, because of him, so other trees that need more sun, die. even the plants die because of this tree.

the animals come less because there is less food...

The strongest of trees takes all the place for him... and all the rest dies...

End of the story???

No! nature has always an emergency solution!.
there is a tinny insect that crawls theses trees, and this little one carries on him a microscopic mushroom that is lethal for the beech.

And since the beech are all close toghether, the insects crawl from one to another, passing the illness... like a forest fire, but a little slower. ;-)
its a illness totaly specific to the beech, it does not affect the other species.

We saw patches of forest we're there was 10 enourmous beechs of about 100 years, in apparent perfect health, die out in a period of one year!

It may seem sad, I was sad to loose some of the most big trees in my forest.

But for the forest, on the long term, its a very good news.

the cover of the soil that was all dead leaves, is now green of new plants and new kind of trees, in the newly formed clearing in the forest.

the forest is renewed, balance is restored.

We are like the forest, when we become old, we die so mankind can be renewed.

even the most negative aspect of life, death, is there for a good reason.

In a period of a couple of months the microscopical being, kills the tree of 100 years and 100 feet. How ironic is that? The strongest being defeated by the most insignifiant being...

The great strengh of the strongest tree, makes him conquer all the forest, but  this great strengh that permits it to grow above all other species, is in the end, its greatest weakness, and the cause of its fall.

By wanting all the space and light for only himself and his kind, the beech denies the protection and the barrier that other trees of different species, that are not vulnerable to this illness, creates between the illness. As such, we should also tolerate others that are not like us, others that don't think like us, others that have different views.
An isolated beech, that lives harmoniously in a diversity of other species of trees, has less chance of becoming ill, As so If we get along with others that are different from us, we each become a protection for each others, with each our strenght and each our weakness. If we just want to get along with people that are like us and similar, we will miss a big part of the big picture in the eyes of those who are different, and what we deny, will come and hit us in the most insidious way, because we have the weakeness of our strenght.
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Amazingly beautiful I really enjoyed this. Humans believe they are the most intellectual living thing on earth, just reading this story reminds us, that every living thing is of equal importance. Beautiful pic above, thanks for sharing. xxx

I am so happy you liked it

Hi venus,

Trees - They were the first canopy that people could meet one another under and get shelter from the sun and rain.

They are so much part of our history.