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When I left, sometime in the middle of summer, I had an enlarged view of my own importance. I became obsessed with the notion that I was "different", and that I wasnt human. I realize that this is not the case. In this life, I am human. Completely. No special powers, other than what ordinary people can achieve through meditation and reflection. In fact, I AM ordinary in the physical sense. I know, however, that I am something more in another world; my true world. I do have a great sense of purpose, and I know I play a large role. But not in this physical world. On earth, my purpose is to be there for the world. To listen to people when they need someone to listen, to be a shoulder to cry on. To be a true friend. If God needs me for something, I am right here, ready to go into action, which is why I am trying to prepare myself for that. God will let me know who I am when he feels I am ready for such a burden, the burden as to know who you TRULY are. But until He needs me, I am just living. I might have a big purpose, I might not. But I am not going to believe that I am better than ordinary, because I am human. And that is what humbles me.
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We are all here for a reason. a purpose. an assignment... each one is different, yet we are all working together For God and For the human race. Finding your mission is important, though you May already be unknowingly fulfilling it.

to believe you are human is to have compassion with the human...
so through this humility a true healer rises...

Thank you. It was a journey, but a worthy one. I am an incarnated angel, but over time, the IA seem to forget that on earth, they are only angels in mind- they are human in body.

many people are angels or all those that come from heaven to born into this world if not from hell, they just forget... humans are always more than human within, but they still stay human... the flesh makes them fragile...

I believe the I only reason IA are indeed incarnated Angels, is because god let them keep their memories because they are needed here. They need to know who they are so they can help the world, but as humans.

true... without the human aspect how can they really help humans? If they don't live as humans first how would they understand the human enough to help them?


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