The Path I Walk...

It has been about 3 months since the beginning of my awakening. About 2 months since I have written a story on here. This one will not be intricate, for I am still learning how to put the beauty of what is in my mind on paper. And thought I can not say much, I will say is this;

How incredible it has been to truly be myself for the first time in my life. To talk to people (I have met on here) and know that they understand why I am the way I am. Beautiful, socially awkward, strange girl. Can't seem to get it together. But ever so radiant. From the inside, not the out. To show people the true beauty of the earth and guide them in the direction of love. To hold the balance of this earth and to look after the humans that inhabit it. And to know when the day comes, that it is my duty (along with others that are part of this family of light that we belong to) to rebuild it. The way the creator originally designed it. The love and beauty and peace.. the light that will shine through for the first time. It will be beyond beautiful. If only I could paint it for you, what I see in my mind. Unfortunately for me, though I may paint the most beautiful paintings in my mind, and in the skies, I am not artist in this life. :) My mission is love. I am a servant of the creator and of the human race. And when the time comes, the human race shall feel my wings cover them in protection, as I fight.

and on a final note: let the children lead the way.
indigo's...crystal's...rainbow children... they are ready to get their little hands dirty!

TaylorElizabeth90 TaylorElizabeth90
26-30, F
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Hi Taylor,

I am happy that you are here to spread love to all...

Thank You...