Dogs Dont Experience Melancholy~

We do ....They just dont. Ever wonder why?

Thats a stupid-assed question isn't it? Of course you never never occurred to ya because most of ya havent been self destructive enough to ingest 400 thousand dollars worth of drugs in the last 30 years. So the better question is~ Why don't they?

Words started finding me a couple weeks ago..I thought for a relationship know~ What are they? why do we need them? can we buy one that works somewhere? I was wrong...but anybody where they thought they were gonna be 10, 20, 30 years ago? And in case there is that fraction of a percent that can say yes and by some quirk reads this...I'm gonna ask.."Is it what ya hoped it would be?"

Some of ya know I write 'Forrest Gump' stories...Lol. My ex likened me to Mr. Gump once saying that we were both long, drawn-out and pointless. Well...any rate. Here is another. I wouldnt blame ya if ya skimmed it...if you are meant to catch something then you will. This is the last big one...I promise.

So I wanna talk about a few things.~Dogs a bit, relationships a tad. The New age movement thingy, angels&demons. God, you...your First grade class....and your Junior one too. I wanna touch briefly on 'words' and 'truth' and 'perspective'....yes 'ego' too and 'spirit'. I want to throw in some feelings like fear and desperation, love and loneliness. And some concepts like justice, fairness, equality and family.

Well...thats my best intentions at least. Big hopes for a middle-aged fat man, I know, but I can be tricksy sometimes! And as any self respecting Narcissit would do...I will discuss all these things as related to my most favorite thing...ME! Might even share some of me too...idk. Hope I'm not too preachy~



relationship (plural relationships)

1.Connection or association; the condition of being related.

2. Kinship; being related by blood or marriage.

3. A romantic or sexual involvement.

4. A way in which two or more people behave and are involved with each other

I have a good working relationship with my boss.

5. (music) The level or degree of affinity between keys, chords and tones
Numbers 1, 4 and 5 I like. Maybe because those have been some of my best kinds.
Number 5 is my favorite..I like it because music resonates, notes...chords. People can too...and groups of them. Its almost always a persistent thing...people that can bring out your inner harmony today will likely always be able to.True harmonies I mean....

The 'connection' in 1 presents with certain rituals or 'behaviors' from 4 that are resulting from the combined influences on these individuals...or things even.

When people say we are the sum of our experiences, it troubles me. Experiences provide context.....texture. People want context. They seek it..they bask in its subjectivity. They find withtin context a purpose they define  themselves by...and thats cool...but what if that 'context' abruptly changes. Do they hold steadfastly to the old paradigm? Or perhaps allow themselves to be redefined by their current environment? Or are they able to realize that they are more than what has been visited upon them? Or maybe less? Maybe what it is in people that is unwaverable is a very small thing...the tiniest grain of sand that provides the foundation for a pearl. At least I really hope that there is something more about us than what circumstance produces. I'd like to think I was more significant than an emotional/ instinctual warm front.
 Any way, because we as people come with context, then the relationships that we become involved in by necessity have a context to them also. True love? or true convenience? co-dependence? As our personal situations change the nature of our relationships  change. Everyone that you interact with each day represents a 'relationship'. From the panhandler on the off-ramp by your work to your significant other....the people in the grocery store checkout line to your parents. Each instance is a relationship by itself....the boundaries and degree of interaction  are determined by the confluence  of your experiences. Each relationship in turn becoming another experience that adds texture...
The best relationships that I have observed were the ones in which the individuals involved were committed to understanding the influences affecting the other. Because understanding can bring tolerance...and through that harmony.
If you can understand someone else you have a huge head start understanding yourself too. Provided that it is possible to put yourself in that persons shoes...roleplay them. Dont document them. Compassion 101~

Ok...that was my soapbox...Now~ 'On with I messages!'

I love the game of Poker....not that I play. I cant control gambling behavior at all so I avoid it like the plague. WSOP on tv is as close as I get and I havent watched television in over two years. The cool thing about poker is that its not even necessary to have good cards (or even look at them) to win.Life is like Poker....Five Card Stud....except ya can't fold. It doesn't matter really how well ya do in the game...whether you are a pro or a Tuesday night home game guy. There isnt a winner or a million dollar prize. All ya get out of it is the satisfaction of being able to say, "I played that hand best I could."

I read a really cool book recently written by "Another Old Guy"...^5....he was right when he thought it would ring a couple bells in my tower! Advance apologies in case I plagiarize..
It bothers me that so much attention gets paid to words around here. Why is it so important that someone use the right words or beautiful words? Whether your preference be feces or ****, the aroma doesn't change does it?
    A very dear friend of mine on here worries about her words, because she is communicating in a language not her norm. I always smile at her concern...I have never not understood her meaning....that would be like mistaking the Sun for the Moon.
   My Sister a half a world away arranges her words in prose....Poetry goes over with me like caviar at a pig roast but I know that she wants to capture the beauty of Spirit in her words and she does an admirable job.
  One particularly savvy lady on here I believe has finally found the words to fit a voice she has heard murmuring to her most of her life. Its amazingly liberating to find your inner voice and its best expression.
  And one young lady I know uses her words as a shield and armor against the uncomfortable things...and a wonderful stick with which to disturb the beehive.
  One old guy uses words hard earned and dearly paid for. Words that you dont get playing scrabble. Words ya have to bleed and sweat and cry for. Words I respect as I do the man because I KNOW the price of them...I know how one acquires them.
  And I see words of ignorance, contention, insecurity.....misunderstanding and confusion. Potato.....Tater....who gives ffs!
   Has it occurred to anyone else that every lie is cloaked in words.
I see stuff like,  "I wish I were dead"..."I hate who I am" "Nobody cares" Words of despair.
Words that arise when the hopeful lose faith.
Three simple answers for the above:
1. And you will be eventually
2. Then change it.
3. Care about yourself and 'nobody' can **** himself!

Like those words? Me and those sorts of words came from dirt roads and manure and sweat stained t-shirts. They are mine...I own them. Mine aren't the only ones that will hold the message. I can choose to use other ones. I am not limited in my  choices because of how I was raised or where I came from.

God.....Satan...Heaven and Hell.....Angels&Demons ~~~words. Interpreted subjectively by each individual based on the context of his relationship with them. Debating the meanings of these terms are about as effective as a flyswatter in the rainforest.  I find it amusing as hell to see people become so agitated over these abstract concepts. Neither side will ever hold tangible evidence that they were correct. Look at the violence done historically over what is essentially a will-o-the-wisp! To xpect rationality where religion is concerned is like expecting a Miss Universe contestant to Not say~ 'World Peace'.

The New Age thing really isnt new....Madame Blavatsky can own a part of it here in the US in the 1800's. It was called Theosophy. Well....clearly 'religion' was letting stuff drop through the cracks, so why not? A religion that wasnt religious....."we will call it Catholic!" ooo wait
I'm sorry..I couldnt resist. Any has its value...emphasizing the connection to {Fill in your word} without the corruption of man. Whatever the vehicle that brings you to a relationship with some higher principles doesnt matter in my opinion. For the most part, I think everyone benefits in the long run whether it be Allah, God, Buddha, the Tao, Buffalo Calf woman or an old oak tree on the solstice. Those are just more words that we probably can't get a consensus on.

Thats really what all this should be about isn't it? You? How you feel? How you perceive yourself in relationship to the universe? After all...your the one that has to put up with yourself day in and day out. Better come to an arrangement..sooner rather than later.
    Unless Joan of Arc got thrown back into the soup martyrdom is sorta antiquated...and stupid. I'm okay with someone saying that they joined the IA group because in helping others they forget their own misery  for a bit. I'm good with a Fallen angel saying.."Screw the rent..I wanna be Charlie Sheen for a weekend!" Hell I wanna be Charlie...WINNING! I'm okay with y'all being incarnated too, but it sure ****** on the parade in my opinion. Sorta sets ya up to feel guilty about whatever makes you feel all tingly. Unfair expectations and the guilt associated with not meeting them has caused enough havoc to last an eternity.
I'm not saying angels dont exist. I think I have pretty good evidence that they do. I feel compelled to remind you all that this whole thing was FOR YOU. You ARE the purpose. {shoos off the posse}

I am going to try to share something I have come to accept, but I dont wanna do it based on words. Do ya remember when you were little, or maybe ya have been around little kids in a pack.... Have ya noticed when one falls down and skins a knee lets say..and starts bawling that maybe one or more of the others start sniveling too? If they are tall enough to talk arent they oh so quick to surround the kid with the band aid. Ok maybe some of it IS morbid curiosity , but I would suggest that the curiosity comes from an affinity they feel for the injured kid. Real small kids dont know to be mean to the thumbsucker, or fat kid, or the one born with a cleft palate. They just see them. Somewhere about the age of 5 to 7 it all starts to change though doesn't it? About the time we start 'teaching' them?
     Do ya recall that kid in first...maybe second grade? You know...the NEW one? The one that came in with the principal , interrupting the class right after morning recess. What an outsider...couldnt even get to school on time! {Little kids dont think about enrollment and office hours for the admin...or the drunken school nurse that has to do the physical}  Do you remember how uncomfortable that kid looked as he stood in front of the class while the teacher mispronounced his name and told everyone to make him feel welcome? Did you imagine how you would feel if it was you and not him?Did ya want to trade places?

{what the hell..imma take it to a darkness}

Soooo....years later ya have the same kid who for whatever reason never really fit in. There are others as well...ones that the seem to have 'kick me' written on their back. The student body seems to have no problem following suit either huh? Do ya join in the feeding frenzy? Maybe not because your conscience wont quite let ya but ya sure dont have a problem talking about them with your friends hmm? Mean in spirit is still mean though. What happened? To the relationship? A few years earlier you wouldn't have traded places with this kid...and you could see yourself as him. Now you definitely wouldn't wanna be him but you cant see from his eyes anymore either. Teens can be more bloodthirsty than piranha...maybe you are happy it isn't you?
All those years and all that progress...a vocabulary that almost tripled...led you away from one of the most important things you had. A relationship with your humanity and yourself. One that didnt need in which you just knew and felt.

We can pretty up what many of us are doing now with words like spiritual Path, unity, higher consciousness. But it really just boils down to renewing our relationship with humanity. One without a lot of confusing context ~You are reflections of me~ probably coined in a time before a desert region without lakes or standing water to see yourself in. So if I wanna understand me...I gotta observe someone else. Nuts and unity,ascension, or soul spin on it at all.

Its popped up a few times lately...about what it is I see in people. Sometimes on a really good day...when I look at someone...I can see what they are, what they might have been, and what they may yet become. And I want to weep for the child that they lost. And I love them for the part they have of me.

"There but for the Grace of God, go I"?

Sorry...that IS you!!

With that being said....Im off EP.... maybe temporary maybe not. Time will tell.  I love you all. And I am so lucky to have met each and every one of you.

Grace is there....just choose to wear it..

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6 Responses Sep 20, 2012


The attack is in the eye of the beholder,
if you see me taking your response as a personal slam,
then you feel personally dunked by whatever OBJECTIVITY I HAD TO SAY...
In plain ENGLISH i think you are just talking about yourself,
seeing everything I HAVE TO SAY OR TEACH as a personal insult like many others on this forum,
AS i would say they see through the EYES OF THE EGO and not through the eyes of SPIRIT so they would not take anything worth for their soul from anyone they perceive through the eyes of prejudice,
so if you feel what I HAVE TO SAY is a personal attack on your ego then you WON'T LEARN ANYTHING for your spiritual journey forward and ahead,
you will stay STUCK right where you are spiritually wise not evolving nor growing!


.... No what pertains to me pertains to you, you desired to reach out to me, you wanted something from me, and now you feel disappointed with what I have to give? Then the problem does not lie with me but with you... I mean what did you expect to get from me?

You only get from others what you really wanted in the first place,
and when you get it, don't cry or say WTF no I don't want to hear this or that, or I don't want to know this person because of this or that... You wanted to know me, followed me around on this site and in this group... You wanted something from me and now I give and you don't want to take it because you don't want what you wanted any more...

Okay here's the deal sweetheart, if you want to sound smart about spiritual stuff at least you gotta know what you give is what you receive!!!!

What you want to know and how you go about to get to know it is what you shall get... At present it does not seem as if though you want to learn anything from me and/or others, and that you only wish to CORRECT and judge them the whole time...

So it basically means if you choose to treat me with respect then you shall be treated likewise, if it is that you want to sound smarter than me and not just listen to what I have to say then expect your ego to get bruised in the process, because if you bruise someone's "ego" you in fact invite a same response from someone else to do the exact same thing to you...

So treat others like you wish to be treated, do unto others as you would like to be done unto yourself... If you want to sound haughty and smart trying to correct others the whole time, then others will do the same to you... How you react towards others is how they will react to you..

It is a Basic physics law of cause and effect, so you can either shut the up and listen, making a choice to actually learn from me, or you can continue to seek and insult me as if you know all and are unteachable, but beware how you present yourself is how others would reflect that self straight back at you...

So if you want to be an arse the whole time thinking you know better than others, then people would treat you like an arse if you have no respect for their beliefs then don't expect them to have any respect for your beliefs and/or opinions either, it is simple, choose wisely your behaviour for that determines everything you will be and get in this world!!!!

@ grym... Do you feel stupid or angry when people are trying to teach you something? Then you don't want to learn and are too full of yourself to get over yourself and your ignorance to see the picture clearly... If you feel stupid and angry you don't see the GRACE in God's gift putting this person on your path, it is indeed their duty to help them overcome their stupidity and anger, to help them still or calm the battle within!!!! Because they felt stupid and angry before I or any other messenger came along!!! Alas, if you don't see the purpose in all such as yourself, you won't understand nor achieve what God has intended for you upon meeting specific messengers!

... huh this guy don't come here a lot? I think he should come around here more often, he is helping people, or did he get lazy huh? rofl

TRelationships,physical emotional,spiritual,functional and all others are what you make them.
what you put into them is what you have,how do people expect more than they give?

If your relationship needsimprovement or isnt as you hoped what have hyou given?
some just hang around to feed off the good of people ,never intending to be involved in a relationship creating the mean n negative inthe pne who believed them at face value,as they lresent themselves. Relationships,yes so many kinds all come to tohow you allow yourself tod be treated.n what youcay
uxeur give n what ya take.....

Hi Jim,

I will never forget your contribution if you do not return, know that you have touched me very deeply.

Thanks for your humanness the human, the human.

PS I hang out with dogs a lot, they are so cool to hang around with – no judgments they just BE.

Love Ya Brother....