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To the man with no arms and legs – Nick Vujicic

I am not sure if those here who live in the USA have seen or heard of NICK. He travels wide around the world spreading love - not to be afraid of living life to the full.

News Article:

'I also got really into football and skateboarding. I totally love the English Premier League.'

Nick's father was a computer programmer and accountant and he taught his little son how to type with his toe at just 6 years old.

His mum invented a special plastic device that meant he could hold a pen and pencil.

Despite the risk of bullying, his parents insisted Nick attended mainstream school.

'It was the best decision they could have made for me,' adds Nick, who later achieved a degree in Financial Planning and Real Estate. 'It was very hard but it gave me independence.'

Nick, who was teased and bullied, had an electric wheelchair for mobility, and a team of carers to help him.

'I was deeply depressed when I was eight years old,' he said. 'I went to my mum crying and told her I wanted to kill myself

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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Nick is an Aussie - what more do I need to say?!!!! lol
He is anamazing man who has found the love of his life and is living life to the full. He has my whole-hearted admiration and appreciation - and so too does his wife. They are beautiful and inspiring people - the world needs more people like that.

Here in Sydney, I saw the program about Nick last Sunday. At first, I thought it would be one of those oversweet, manipulative programs which Channel 9 puts out on boring weekends to bring tears to the masses.
But no, I felt the story was real. As a man, I was equally impressed by his pretty young wife. You could feel the true love and attraction between those two. This is how it should be, between man and woman. There was good taste and deep feeling.
Hearing that Nick is becoming a father, I raised my glass to the health of the unborn baby. Doctors said the condition is not inherited