Man Walks In Desert And Says Hi To Big Picture

This is how fragments are put into a bigger whole, from a fragment to the big image:

The man in desert sees a snake,
The bigger picture tells him "You gotta catch it and it eat OR YOU WILL DIE!!!"

The fragment tells the guy:
"Kill the snake"

The fragment leading to the bigger picture says:
"I have to kill the snake FOR FOOD"

The Big Image says:
"Kill to SURVIVE not merely for food or to eat"

So the whole says THINK IN FRAGMENTS to see the bigger picture,
You can't see the bigger picture without the fragments...
But to stare yourself blind to the fragments and not seeing the whole as to why they are needed to achieve the sight of the BIG PICTURE is also a MISTAKE and just plain stupid...

You have to ask why is the BIG image the BIG image,
What comprises the BIG picture,
What is needed to achieve or see it...
Even so one cannot be whole in GOD or one with GOD,
If not questioning the fragments as to why things are as they are,
Why does He put certain things on my path,
Why all the puzzles...
Aren't all the tests part of the BIGGER JOURNEY,
Isn't every single puzzle box or spiritual test part of becoming one with the BIG PICTURE, or closer to understanding it?!!!!

In conclusion: Man walks through desert completely trusting in the purpose of God with this, keeping the BIG PICTURE in mind and that is how he survives all the hardships and suffering surrendering all the tests to the BIG image that must be achieved!!!! Even so when we question other people's beliefs we help them see the bigger picture, we help them get closer to what it is they need to get closer to in order to understand the BIG PICTURE...nothing is without a purpose, not even focusing on the fragments that would help people better understand the WHOLE!!!! Faith was never meant to be simple, it is like algebra that is why it is called the Great Mystery!!! Only through hardships and struggling do you get revelations of the fragments making out the Bigger Picture in relation to God!!! For if Faith was meant to be easy life would have been without purpose, this hard thing we call life, the hardship of going through it would be meaningless, and life as well would have been an easy walk or striding glide in the park!!!
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I didnt see your comment below about the tears etc. but we are on the same wave right now. I followed you after this to the question about hardships and my answer sounds like what you wrote here below that I hadnt seen! Freaky Fun Again! Kim

...You know with us there is never a dull moment, when did you decide to come back to EP?

... Long time no see... I have missed you terribly, check my tears lol

I missed you and following you around a bit. Anyways, would you say that my use of a puzzle in my mind and putting the peices of meaning and gained wisdom is the way I view my work at seeing more and more of the TRUE big picture? I havent used my noggin much lately, so be gentle!hee hee Kim

... Being the normal person you are, you understand better than these so called "angels" who seem to think we are not spiritual beings living a human experience, but rather spiritual beings living a spiritual experience...

damn and I was having so much fun! I like striding in the park. nice words of wisdom

... Lol no obstacles no game, no play... Lmfao...did you read the last sentence on updated version of this article?... Struggling and hardships make our lives spiritually rich... Without emotions and tears life would have been meaningless... Tears streaming down our cheecks straight back into the sea of Spirt (God's soul)... I never understood that quote until now!!! I am glad I have a heart, to feel the complexity of human emotion.. Without it we would just be lifeless zombies without direction!

LOL we discover GOD in our biggest suffering or our greatest love; both can connect us to pain reminding us that we are human and GOD is GOD. It is incarnation that I struggle with, the flesh that I inhabit and the things I do which prevent me from seeing the BIG PICTURE. Your words are a blessing to me, thanks!

... The illusion of the physical reality is both a blessing and a curse at the same time providing great learning opportunity!

The energy of your words find flavor of their intention. Honey only comes with the risk of being stung. I do like honey! ")

..believe me I got stung multiple times in this group, for just TRYING TO BE MYSELF and a messenger on other people's journeys.

hmm, you like honey too? It is hard to be yourself, when others can't accept who you are. Know that I cherish your ability to be true to yourself and love that about you. Myself as the shadow, think it funny when people find my image as something in the need of change. They are uncomfortable with who I choose to be I don't want to change who I AM. no no they think they are MORE THAN SPIRIT/SHADOW rofl, that's why they are so blind!

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