Are You An Adult? Then Take It Like A Man

Are You An Adult? Then take it like a man, don't go changing your friggin' story, stand or fall by your words!!!

People updating their stories to show that they believe there is no longer a separation between people and angels, while they used to attack people for saying so?

What is up with this rather CLEANING up your mistakes as to fool people after you have been caught out as a hypocrite and not just facing your mistakes head on?

Trying to clean up your act means facing your mistakes and telling the person was right all along, and not updating your friggin' stories as TO FOOL people that YOU NEVER SAID such a thing that you are HIGHER than humans...

I mean come on!!!

After you have been caught out for being a hypocrite, don't go twisting your words around to seem like less of a fraud, just bow out like a BIG WOMAN, an adult accepting defeat in a mature way and say I AM SORRY, I WAS WRONG and YOU WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG. To want to change your story now means you still want to LOOK right despite being proven wrong especially in such a way like this just so that people can't see your true nature and past behaviour!!!

Cleaning up your act isn't about running away from your mistake by giving in a doctored document, by quickly updating your stories attacking people who called you out on your BS, or trying to twist your words around used in the past now to look all innocent.

Whatever... The spiritual maturity in this group never ceases to amaze me or rather the lack thereof coming from adults!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 25, 2012