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My Bitter is with "The Church" not you or life....

To Mysticrage

It did hurt me when you suggested that I commit suicide – two men in my life did, it hurts very deep.

I forgive you, please forgive your parents they are still learning too.

What you allow you to be upset about is something else - we all get our buttons pushed. Thats life!

May you find your inner peace – That is my wish for you and all the people who post here.

I am not in your life… are

The Mask in the Mirror

From the Medicine Bag of an EarthHealer
I love to share with you, what I carry in my little medicine bag around my heart. The sweat lodge of life has been so rich in its giving of Timeless Wisdom.
The Human Mask…
Sometimes you look at a thing and see only that it is opaque, that it cannot be looked into. And this opacity is its essence, the very truth. So it was for me with this mask. The girl inside was merely motion and she had no face, and her name was the name of the mask itself.
N Scott Momaday Kiowa
The Spirit in Human Nature………The Devine Plan Enfolds
The Great Spirit has made us what we are: it is not his will that we should be changed. If it was his will, he would let us know; if it is not his will, it would be wrong for us to attempt it, nor could we, by any art, change our nature.
Seeca Proverb
Forgiveness the key to unlock the truth.
Yes, the chains we lock ourselves in……. the release when they are all linked in together showing a way out of off the blindness, by our version of the truth untested.  Key is to forgive.
Thank you calm man of the sea. Lou2012  "Calm Boat on the Sea"
I don’t consider myself an angel…… but I do feel so much lighter in body and soul.
To walk and talk with the people who post here.

The Last Post from DoodSkat  Man/Women   Yin/Yang  Twin

When you hear that the Church is at war,

The Tom , The Prince of the Church   (For Nicole and Katie)

1UNITY 1UNITY 56-60, F 2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

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Gothicshadow, Mystic Rage and the Angel Pack

We did get a glimpse of you being soft when you showed us you’re Aviator

The Antelope Face… so sweet…….A Deer with a Flower

Why did you take it away?

Update: You said Popcorn… I saw a flower

So I ask you do you post here with your eyes wide open and see the refection back from the mirror…..

Or do you just play SNAP?

That is……………. talk the talk but not walk the walk with your posts?

Joy Of Alchemy

DoodsKat The Church Rebel

Will you get on board the "COSMIC SHIP" ??

and kick the "The CHURCH" blow it out of the Fuuukking WATER

Atlantis is here

Call the SHIP "ATLANTIS" ???

Mystik is healing now.. it began a year ago march.. She is healing herself with the pain she has lived... for so long.. there is no other reality left but the familiarity of old pain..

As you say... she is stuck in her life.. no one else is allowed.. Just read her posts to see the cycle she encircles herself in and with.. agreeing with, complementing herself.. all else has failed.
She lashes out at those who can only send her love.. a word that is, perhaps, an empty word right now.

Hi Lou,

We can hope that the battle with the "Self" is the Peace of the Day.

She came out of it for a time.. old enemies became close.. via a carrot she held out .. some are still nibbling on the thing.. so is eager to them swallow.. but it is a game for her and others.. so let them play. It will be a learning for all...