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Share One’s Talent

In the life of human we are all given allot of small or big gifts
1.Part one is the development of these gifts that come
2.Some automatically find their gift while in the shower
3.Some spend a life time getting confused as to what their gift is
4.Some know their gift, yet find it hard to express or show it
5.Some have their gift as a child, then but to lose it in growing pains
6.Each of us have the some little twinkle that is just ours alone

Some share there gift by busking on the side street for a few coins in their guitar case.
It is not the material gain, but the sharing of these gifts.
The beauty of them is that they can be in so many forms, they are given for free and to pass them on is the best gift you give to each one of us.

Some write poetry, some can see color in music.

The pure pleasure is to share these gifts is the nectar of life.

To all you that lift people up in your life – Thanks for your beauty to share with us your gifts.

Thanks for sharing your life with me.

(P.S I can dance but not spell )

1UNITY 1UNITY 56-60, F 1 Response Oct 29, 2012

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Thank you for sharing your life with me .True friendship is priceless!:)

To share with you and you…thanks