Welcome To The Angelic Court!

(voice in the speaker)

OYE OYE people!
the angel court is open!
please take place the show is about to beguin!

Io the judge and inquisitor takes place on the scene in front!
the crowd, (stone in hand) at the back

....and the angelic passer-by, passing-by.... innocently

the defence, standing at the right
the devil's advocate at the left

at the center the presumed criminal

at the back, the suposed victims

winged-police gardian angels guard the door....

no one gets out till the end of the show!

detectives and lawyers salivate in expectation!
lights are up, the court is now open!

everyone waits till the allmighty judge say the first phrase...


"um,, hum ...un.......humm munhh"

but what is happening???
the judge has a big red censored tape on his mouth?? how could that be?

the court jester's is playing tricks at thee?....

someone at the back, stone in hand, stands up and yell
"what is going on? what the hell?"

lawyers reply " we are paid hourly rate!
my client's account is going late!"

in the middle of all havoc, the accused has dissapeared!

the victims are crying for revenge!

the inquisitor calls for a stone launch!

but the crowd is confused.... at whom shall we launch stones?

so they turn toward the angry inquisitor.... stone at hand
inquisitor :"no! not me!.... eee.... him!" the inquisitor points toward the angelic passer-by... this one raises his arms as if he was arrested!

the crowd hesitate for a moment, then point their stones to the inquisitor again...

Inquisitor :"Oh Mother!"
he runs to the door, but the guardians won't let him pass till the judge says the court is over...

suddently the voice of the joker  resonates in the speaker:
"you are scared now? want milk and a cookie?"

no one get's outta here without telling me a secret or taking off a piece of clothing!"


the jury is outrageously scandalized!

victims cry "not again, poor us, we are victimized!"

the judge, still with tape on his mouth, is gesticulating in the air, but no once seams to care....

the inquisitor suddently burst out in demonic laugher! Rolls on the floor.... and  suddently,,,,,, stops.....

"HAHAHAHA!!! you people know nothing!!!
Don't listen to him!!!
I will give a incredibly tasty cookie to those who follow me on the dark side!
nothing has ever tasted so good!
come, come to me people!!"

the devil's advocate says : "that sounds yummy! how about an all-you can- eat buffet right here right now!!! that is the proof I've been waiting for!"

the victims, crying at the back,... raise their heads up, take a break, and eat a cookie while drying their tears...

the guardian angels start to wonder what to do??.
....they look at each other 
they look at the judge for a sign...
but he is still gesticulating with tape on his mouth....
what does it mean??

what will happend next? to be continued

.....(insert publicity here)

(voice in the speaker )
While you are enjoying your program we would like to remind you :
Please respond with Respect, Authenticity and Support.
"Thank you for your cooperation"

... continuing:

the judge, with the help of some members of the jury.. is finaly able to take off the tape from his mouth

he takes his hammer and SLAPS!


INQUISITOR : you shall eat cookies until you burst!
GUARIDAN ANGELS : you guys are fired!
VICTIMS: eat another cookie and find yourself a hobby
DEFENCE LAWYER: you did not say a word.... and.... where the hell are you?? "
the crowd starts looking around....

"hum humh huhs mhunfff" (lawyer tries to anwser but is mouth is full of cookies)

Judge : "well said my friend!

"CROWD: throw a stone on your head for a change!
ANGELIC BY-PASSER : you are too innocent.... You must be GUILTY!!! HAHAHAHA!!
ITS YOU THE COUPABLE! hahahaha . guardian!.. take him!... oh yes.. you are hired back...this little story is already forgotten..."

the detectives look at each others in total surprise! "but the proofs..."
Judge: "who cares about the proofs when you can have a cookie?...and ... you don't have the right to say a word! I am the almighty judge, I speak here!!"

silence in the court.....

a butterfly passes.... humming a song.....

a ray of light...

one man in the jury timidly raises a hand?

judge "yes jury? what is it?.. have you sticked to my verdict?"

jury :"Yes!..... of..... course your magnificiance we.. stick.. to your sentence....but....but....but.. what about the acused?"

Judge: "if you can find him.... give him a cookie and he can  be free.... everyone makes mistakes once in a while! I feel good today, cookies put me in a good mood! I pardon him!"
judge : "that's all for today!"

judge: " and.... jOKER! come here there is a word or two I would like to tell you!" 

"CASE CLOSED!" (Slaps his silver hammer)
(doors open)

(Voice in the speaker): "Thank you for you cooperation! In order to keep this place clean, please dispose of all leftovers of cookies in the radioactive waste bin to your right, thank you and have a blessed day!"
The butterfly went out of court signing the story of what happened...
on his way to where the butterflies go... he drank in gorgeous flowers, some of them a bit fermented...which inspired his imagination...

after a couple of flowers the songs changed..and changed... and the butterfly went on signing where the butterflies go.....

the song whent on from generation and generation of butterflies....
till many many years latter... far away....
some grey aliens from another planet... hearing the butterfly's song.... thought it came from a divine prophet.. and made a bible according to his holy song of the courtyard of angelic cookies.  

"hum hum dum dididi dum
heavenly heavenlysome
cookies in courtyard
 and flowers and fun...
hum hum dum dididid dum"

and... that is why grey aliens sometimes abduct humans of this earth...
and force them to eat.... something that looks like a... cookie?

the victims of abduction says that the aliens also telepatically sing a weird song...

but that must just be their imagination playing tricks...
or the nectar of some flower?

who knows?
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7 Responses Nov 3, 2012

Why have you two blocked me? I have nothing to hide, I am not going to harrass you, and as you can see, I have found a way around it. I have only once in about 3 years blocked someone. There is a way to delete them from your circle, but blocking? I can harrass you out here, I dont need to write you a message to do it. FYI: This is to Ditty and Venus.

I probably would have noticed had I bothered to not fall asleep while attempting to read such drivel! lol - I am not a follower of yours like the monkey boy is, tee hee - He must cling to your every word, not me. So sorry dearest one, you had nothing to teach me of importance with the exception of deception. Now I know to take more time screening people before trusting there sincere interest in being my friends. Too bad you arent as nice as blarracuda, and I am not snow fricken white. Both a fraud.

And the BEST medicine is laughter…..

Smiles....to you and you and you.....

........ Stop flattering yourself vapple....
You lied and it is you that should face up to yourself not those who "lack humor".
You are lame!

My favorite story in this forum

Yes really.

It made me laugh

If not for creativity of the Blarracuda, would the court be so hum drum

Thanks for the smiles....and the cookies...

.....(insert publicity here) Can we advert this here?

Please respond with Respect, Authenticity and Support.
"Thank you for your cooperation"

Thanks for the court session
Only one question!

What did happen to the butterfly? Open doors!