Laugh At Yourself

People in this forum sometimes forget to have a little laughter in their lives. They forget that there is sometimes nothing better than a good joke.

And sometimes there's nothing better than when the joke is on you.

Kidding around with each other isn't something that you want t do all the time but, every once in a while, it just a good natured way of putting egos aside me opening up the pathways of learning free from judgement..

There are some people I don’t kid. I don’t joke with these people. I don’t feel I have permission to do so.

They are deeply serious people, especially about themselves. They might tell a joke or tease someone but they don't like it, and can get quite nasty if you do it to them.

I'm not like that. I laugh at myself all the time. I do stupid things.

Sometimes I have a great argument in my head,but when it comes out, in words or on paper, I find myself wondering what the hell I was thinking.

And what do I do then?

I laugh. I laugh and call myself an idiot. Then I move on.

My friends tease me all the time . They do so lovingly and in good nature. It puts my massive ego in check and we often joke about it for the rest of the day.

I can tell you numerous stories about the occasions I have misplaced my keys. I have lost my keys at the meat counter at the grocery store. I once lost them in the dean’s office in graduate school.

At a Cajun's Fried chicken, I once put them on a tray along with my trash from breakfast and then accidentally tossed them into the trash can. I then had to put my arm into the trash can and fish them out.

It is just part of being human. We do dumb things at times.

Yet, there are people I don’t feel comfortable with. I don’t tease them or use very much humor with them. I don’t feel at ease around them. They take themselves far too seriously for that. I recall once watching a friend trying to playfully tease such a person. The guy got tense and then shot back some sort of nasty barb. It was an awkward moment.

But you can't take yourself that seriously.

I'm an author and a teacher. I’ve taught classes before when I have said something incorrect. Maybe I got a Bible reference wrong. Maybe I passed out class notes and made an error in the notes. Perhaps someone caught the error and brought it to my attention.

When this happens I try to smile and say something like: “Thanks for this. I need all the help I can get.”

Why? Because I'm not God. And as far as I'm aware, He's the only one who's perfect.

So whether its someone being a joker, or just you being a stupid human, laugh at yourself. Laugh like there's no tomorrow.
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What a wonderful insight! It reminds us that we are all human, and that people shouldn't take life so seriously. Great story!(:

Good things to remind us all. Thank you.

Definately food for thought. I can laugh and joke about myself, example being a Psycho with paper work to prove it, and I can laugh at myself when I am putting something together and keep dropping the bolts etc. But, I dont do well with being made a fool of in public unless I am the one doing it. I have been like that since I can remember. How dare anyone get something over on me..I guess is the best I can word it. I am sure one of the many psychiatrist I have had would say that I was somehow made to look foolish in public and everyone laughed at me, who knows. But I have made fun of myself for a long time and it is funny, like saying I have blonde roots or something (I am dark brunette) But, I don't see how I can laugh when made a fool of. I dont mind people laughing with me, but to make me look foolish or stupid in any way is not acceptable. So, maybe you mean me, dunno..I have shared insight into this as best I can. I love to laugh, love to laugh at myself, but I dont laugh to well when the joke on me is someone elses idea to make me look foolish. Nope, uh uh! So maybe I really was mad at Venus. thinking she made a fool out of me while you all knew who she was the whole time. Dont know, and Nox and Lux, if you knew I dont want to be told. Kim

Nope, I didn't know.

But it doesn't bother me either.

@coyote... I did not try to make you look ridiculous... the most ridiculous of all is ME don't you get it??
... but in my humble opinion being angry for a joke is quite ridiculous and you are doing it by your own self... I am not angry at anyone right now. I am not angry at you for blowing out my joke.. its just a joke, nothing important for me.

the point is if you think that its something important and mean that I made ridiculous out of you...(which I did NOT intent to, I swear) maybe you are putting too much importance on how people perceive you.. (that is the ego) after all you are yourself.. and someone making ridiculous out of you won't change who you are... you know who you are...I did not change that...

I am ready to let the whole matter rest. I dont know your intentions, not really. I have lingering doubts. But having said that, I will leave things how they are for now. We can be in the same group, have the same friends and be neutral. Now once again I am dropping this, but if something is said that offends me, I will treat it as I always do with everyone. Kim

I am happy that you let this rest, I will aswell...I have no intent to offent you...
its not important for me that you want to be friend with me or not... it was not my intent to trick you into being my friend, belive me, I was playing the joker with just anyone, and you were asking so many question... all that I anwsered was true.. weither I was called venusapple or blarracuda or Bianca.. Its just the way you perceived me that changed...
what is truely important for me is that you are happy... that is all.. I shall now leave you be.

However, I only speak for myself...I cant speak for my girl, Mystic. I will let it go like I said. I do not want any of my close friends humiliated in here. I cant stand it. Kim

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Hi Nox,

And some get very rich with talking about the stupid things they do… comic material in the world…..

Jerry Seinfeld
Joan Rivers
Lenny Henry
Russell Peters
The Flight of the Concords

Even Deepak Chopra titled his book “Why GOD is laughing at us”

And the BEST medicine is laughter…..