The Long And Short

This is probably it before the account gets deleted. Any arguments or discussions that occur I wont see and dont give a **** about any way.

Indigo to me is an energy worker......or someone more in tune to energies. I dont know about any war in the astral but I CAN say that there is a struggle that pertains to humans and it goes on every day. Its something every spiritualist and subtle energy player should be aware of. I dont know if its the devil or God but its THERE. Every day. Be vigilant...your opponent is.

I have taken steps to protect myself through energy work and my actions here on this plane. I'm not bullet proof but I'm protected. The people around me aren't.

The last several weeks have been fantastic for me in terms of 'spiritual growth.' I have made some amazing breakthroughs and had some crirtical things revealed to me about my purpose. Things like past lives as a shaman and a spirit guide. Things like I am here to raise vibrations by speaking the Truth. Realizations about the divine spiritual guides that are working through me. All things considered I believe that I have come into my full power, whatever that may be.

Reaver is much more than a name I use to refer to someone on here. Its a name that could be used to refer to many. Its a negative energy in astral. It drives the 'psy vamps', the people that thrive on discord and strife. ...the polar opposite of happiness. This is something I have been aware of for sometime. It's something I work against everyday. Something I'm pretty sure I pissed off. Look it up in the'll understand.

The "A Thought" post was an idea I had and wanted to take viral through Facebook and here. But more than that, I have taken some steps to make it come alive outside of cyber reality. I am going to start a local non profit organization called Reach Out/ Helping Hands or something like that. I will do this as sure as the sun rises in the east. I would be grateful if you all could do a little something to keep the spirit of the idea alive.

I dont know how to protect the people close to me yet, but I intend to work on that. What I can't have anymore is someone I care about trying to strangle me with electrical cords. Not because I fear for my welfare, but because I will not be put in a situation where I have to physically harm someone that I am trying to help. Its not fair to them and it opens me up to attack. Its a ****** deal when the ones you care about are used against you or you hurt the ones you love. Please reread that last sentence. It applies to everything.

All that exists is Love. Think about that. Heaven and Hell, the Other Side...I wont debate their existence. BEYOND them...beyond the void.....there is LOVE.

Some will say I'm cracked. Some will think it. Some will say lots of things. Again....I don't give a ****. I know what I KNOW.

I'm not finished by a damned fact I am just getting started. I will be thinking of you all.

Keep the higher roads....your heart will show you the way.
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1 Response Nov 19, 2012

Hi Jim,

Yes, the heart knows best.

and you take good care of you. You have my email address - I have many ideas too.

The love is not a soppy love, but much more, when one’s gets it, they are just very different in their being, a sparkle that you see in the eyes. (not hooked in by psy vamps)

Thanks for your presence