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Thanks At This Time Of Thanksgiving

I have whipped away many tears in this life time
I have been so upset with lost love
I have been confused and alone
I have abused my flesh
Wanted the Money and much more

Now that the road ahead is clear
The mind that trapped me for so long
Has been exposed as not the self it was thought to be
I find this self that self that is the universal self
In so many places of all that is

I gave thanks to my teachers
I gave thanks to my guides
They became the ladder steps back to the stars
Hand in hand, eye in eye, the willing to be timeless
The willing to be free to love all in infinity

Love that is
Love that links all
Love boundless and borderless
Love my Father GOD sparked in my soul

Thanks creator for this opportunity to allow the flow of love
and allow LOVE to BE

1UNITY 1UNITY 56-60, F 1 Response Nov 19, 2012

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The road is becoming clearer but I still have a long way to go

Yes , still many steps along the way...