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We all want to fit in somewhere, sometimes its very difficult when we don't know who or what we are and nothing seems to feel quite right. It's a lonely experience and often it was just easier to squeeze into one or more groups that came somewhat close - but something was always missing. That missing bit is somewhere inside ourselves and we turn to other groups hopping to unearth that elusive element but we sometimes in the process fail to see ourselves. I was one of those who wanted to fit in. They say that with age comes wisdom, in hind sight I was pretty stuck in fitting in that I began to let those groups define who I was in stead of defining who I was within the group, and all along I wouldn't believe that I was different. I wanted to be alike...but I had wings and I wasn't one of them. Years and years ago I learned to accept that nobody can ever really fit in by being like everyone else, so now I have stuck out like a sore thumb for many, many moons and many people and otherkin loved me for it. I know witches compleatly devoted to their Goddesses and the Wicca path, Vampires who shun daylight, a Lycon who goes to monthly Howls, two elves and a whole assortment of delightful oddballs, that I have strangely fit in by not fitting in.
I have wings, few have seen them, most don't. I feel their weight, I feel the sadness of others, anger at senseless cruelity and a healthy dose of defiance. I am moral to the point of being accused as stuck up, I let my seven virtues guide me and I marvel at the stupidity and sometimes brilliance of mortals. I adore no god, use magic without trying and can't stand discordent energy. I am a fallen a human body.
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Can we talk? I'm fallen too.

The things i say can be downloaded(information) into you.I guess but i don't know.

One more thing before i go,Does anyone have that *Burst* of energy flowing in them by thinking about something divine (Lets say im listening to some awsome music and daydreaming of myself saving a baby and a mom in a scroller almost getting crushed by a car,almost all of a suden a burst of energy and some type of love energy)or listening to music or know when you scratch a paper/lottery ticket with your nails it gives you an Icky feeling of electricity flowing through your hands but instead i feel it flowing up from me back to my head but it isn't as icky...It gives me a burst of ENERGY!!!

The world is like a dream,a world of illusions and not knowing the truth untell you wake up!!!OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I GOT THAT ONE!!!!

Hello I am an incarnated angel an angel who used to have a sword and a shield,I have met a si-kick who told me everything from my,She was like magic,it's like a complete stranger completly knowing you more than your mom and dad...She said im an oldsoul,starseed,indigo and that i had multiple lives,i had died multiple times as a child,i had 2 wives,1 had died from eatting a poison mushroom,the other died from a heart attack,mom and dad died from a disease then i died from a heart attack,leaving my children behind.I got my si-kick reading 4 months ago at a very young age at 16.She was one of those si-kicks who got everything from thin air,not ones of those who needs to question you.Tags(Incarnated angels,indigo,starseed,oldsoul,OBE,meditation)...

For some reason she said let go of your past,just let go...She said one of the reason im very depress is because of many people that had died from my past life...which doesn't make any since to me because why can i be sad if i dont remember anything back then...Maybe some stuff,knowledge,feelings you have from nowhere came from your past lives.Who knows maybe we just bring some stuff from our past lives into our present one and wouldnt even realize it...

I am an extremely lonely dude,a person who just stands in one corner in school,everyone is looking at me like why am i a loner all the time like im a wierd person with no life and friends.(I hate being known as a loner)yeah i smoke to keep me calm and to tell you the truth smoking makes me feel like a bad boy,even though they don't know that you are smoking but it boost your self esteem up by thought's however you think smoking is,bad or good,but i just do it to feel manly to feel like i am a gangster that none should mess with...It's like sniffing/smoking poop makes you feel manly agian how ever you view it...But that is unusual,i just smoke because i feel so gangster which makes me feel fit in,and feel so manly. XD

I like this. i was looking for someone who was angelkin. This is entirely how i feel on an everyday level. i thought i was a dog therian for the longest time but now Im not sure.

... CALLING people names,

well it must be like drugs for timechange,

she is only here to judge people,

not to learn or teach anything else...

I FEEL sorry for her and others like her.

... I think those who hate humans and look down on them, are doing the same thing.. because they think they know all and they cannot be educated, since they are the special ones, and humans cannot teach them anything no more.... interesting.

... I LEARN from anyone, even those who call themselves angels...... but angels refuse to learn from humans? why? EGO, which is totally contrary to what they say they practice here on earth.... funny!

That's too
bad about angels not learning from others...:-(




Troll, bully and deceiver....I dont know about drug addict though



I probably would have been here hallucinating with all of you,

but because I AM SOBER MINDED,


those who are addicted to delusions that inflate their EGOS.

AND EVERYONE who threatens to take their drug AWAY,


Well they are SOOO EVIL,

because they don't want them to experience satisfaction or pleasure...

oh well then they don't know that SATAN'S LIES only last a SHORT TIME,


that's why they come back for more....

to get some new lie to paint their EGO WITH...

propping it (the EGO) up to conceal all the personality cracks beneath.

running from their problems that really needs aid.


timechange wrote:

"There is nothing wrong in following the path of being virtuous.
It is a noble pursuit without EGO gratification."

WELL I cannot say for one moment that those who think they are better than humans,

and them themselves as anything higher than JUST HUMAN,


you can say yes you are in a human body but you still think you are something HIGHER THAN OTHERS, by calling yourself an otherkin which gives you the right to rub your beliefs off on others, and attack them because you think you are SOMEHOW MORE IMPORTANT than them, royal or divine, since you are something other than human despite saying you are something else in HUMAN FORM you still believe you are HIGHER OR MORE SPECIAL THAN OTHERS, if you think you are something different then you clearly ARE NOT HUMAN ANY LONGER in your head.

Thinking you are anything MORE SPECIAL THAN YOUR HUMAN FORM AND HUMAN EXPERIENCE that you are made to live is an EGOTISTIC WAY OF BEING.


you say you are FALLEN AND A VAMPIRE, then you say you are AN ANGEL, of 7 virtues,


then you brag about being part of a VAMPIRE CULT,

I AM SORRY but I CANNOT BELIEVE FOR ONE SECOND you are on a virtuous path free from EGO, when it is all about you praising your OTHERKIN STATUS AND putting yourself HIGHER AND HIGHER THAN A MERE HUMAN STATUS.



BUT those who can see through your BULLSHIT, Stop HUNTING THEM DOWN AND CALLING THEM NAMES you have HUNTED ENOUGH NORMAL PEOPLE down wanting to fool them with your pretty lies of otherkin, and TURNING THEM to your "side", isn't that enough?

and why feel threatened by HUMANS AT ALL, those who you deem different from you when you have all the so called powers in the first place?

why call people who question your beliefs bullies? people who want to know how can such things be possible?

when you contradict yourselves, like angels who say they are here to love all, only to CALL THEM NAMES AND PUT THEM IN A BAD LIGHT.

You all seem afraid of opposing viewpoints and explaining yourselves to others, when you put yourselves on pedestals as if no one can CATCH YOU OR TOUCH YOU GUYS, everyone must just accept that THAT IS WHO YOU ARE AND NO ONE IS GOING TO CHANGE IT, and no one can have a say about your "divinity"... seem to be threatened by all sorts of critics, those who HELP YOU promote your divinity, by FEEDING YOU ATTENTION, something you came here for, didn't you? so that everyone can "ooee and aaah about your divinity", it is the very thing the critics are doing, ooeing and aahing around you guys, and YET YOU HATE US, what happened to "haters are our biggest fans" clearly you DO NOT APPRECIATE THE ATTENTION, so attention whoooring is NOT what you guys are really after after all, now what is it then that you WANT putting yourselves on such pedestals? IS IT A CRY FOR HELP?

...Which is ironic since when help is given you don't want it either.

...and just continue the attention whooring and praising yourselves.

... don't make people who seek to understand you your enemy, you will end up NOT UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF in the end, but that is what you want is it not? hiding from your problems behind these fraudulent personas, you run from your problems you don't want to face it, you use the new age as escapism.

... i am NOT here to BULLY anyone,
I AM HERE TO HELP people who fall for the lies you so nonchalantly spread,
thanks for calling me names,
we all know who is the real immature one here now don't we "timechange".

NOTE TO YOU: if the aliens come would you please ask them to TAKE YOUR immaturity away,
or the fact that you are some copycat using other people's words,
and writing in their style,
because you lack a personality of your own!!!

ALL new agers seem to use the same words and the same lines,
they talk about a change,
they talk about love and light,
and peace,
but look what they really do,
TROLL AND ATTACK PEOPLE who challenge their beliefs,
THAT IS uhhm, really love, light, and peace like.
USE SOME OTHER WORDS for a change,'
since clearly you DO NOT LIVE up that "CORDIAL" image you tell others you live by.

Hay Bannie,

We must be a drug for you that you keep on coming back.

Again and again.

(Or you like us but won’t admit to it)

We are your drug – how funny!

You said: this is my last reply to your warped sense of reality

And yet, you are back again
** SIGH **

Takes over like she owns the place and is so condescending to so many people. Druggerrrrrrrr of spitefulness is the hater, time and time again.


“Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect ... Your have to be your own teacher and your own disciple. You have to question everything that man has accepted as valuable, as necessary.”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Be a light unto oneself”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

YEAH I DO NOT DIG HINDUISM it is all about new age self-worship and becoming your own god,
these quotes only make people MAKE GODS OUT OF THEMSELVES,
making their own laws etc...
what if that laws can be wrong if they have nothing to measure it up against,
to test it against?

Hi 7,

Two quotes for you.

“Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect ... Your have to be your own teacher and your own disciple. You have to question everything that man has accepted as valuable, as necessary.”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Be a light unto oneself”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

To Life....

Hello 7,

There is nothing wrong in following the path of being virtuous.
It is a noble pursuit without EGO gratification.

It is your unfolding and no one else.
Follow your heart it will guide you.
You don’t have to fit the mould of some one else’s thinking.

Read as much as you can on spirit.
Do good deeds where you can, as this is the best experience for the soul as it finds its way.

Let the compliments stick and let the insults glide off.

The love that surrounds us will flow though you.
Know the self from the mind.
Let the self be
Let the universal self flow

It is your path.......follow your heart....

Thank you Timechange
That is all good advice
and thanks for the suport