Demons In My Head.

I have had demons in my head since I was a little child. First they were like nice imaginary friends. But I find I need to keep busy all day long to keep the demons feeding on my unconcious mind.

I guess I need the demons here. That must be the answer. That must be why I don't want to fight them.

They don't really like it when I act evil in the real world. I'm not sure why I guess it's not negative energy they want. I guess they don't want to hurt me. I guess they don't want me becoming a demon either.

I've become so horrible at being around people and spirits. It was the smart *** crule society that I was brought up in. Really put me to torture. I guess the only way not to get abused is to keep really quiet. But they're always hearing. They even stop what they're doing to listen in.

Nobody thinks they've witnessed me suffering. Because they can't see it. Like everyone else they justify what they see or think is right in my life. Far overlooking my personal existence. That's the way it often is in our society.

Soon the world will be changed to fit the needs of people like me. Human beings, creatures.

Keep busy. Best wishes.
-Chaff (The Disturbed One)
WhoisChaff WhoisChaff
Nov 23, 2012