Guardian Angel

When I asked god for a guardian angel I got one. The only problem is I could not communicate with it on positive vibes. I'm not sure why. I don't know if it's me... Then I couldn't get rid of it. I do have other guardian spirits, but I'm just not a clean enough being to have a guardian angel and have things work out good. A guardian demon wouldn't fit good either. I was much better off when I had imaginary friends. I have a troubled mind. That's all I know. I picked up on lots of negative energy in my life. But as far as how life goes? I am set in it. This makes the afterlife look like a nightmare. If I can't communicate with spirits in a good way (no positive thoughts). I might just go to hell. I manage to get by in real life. **** I'll probably get a third class citizen's pass in heaven. I don't want to be cheered up about this either. The excitement only kills me. I have settled on this life.

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Chaff, I know this is tough but I know for certain that guardian angels are real.

Thanks for the thought.

Hi Chaff,

I am sorry that you suffer this way

I use exercise as a way to help my brain and clarity of thinking
Do you get to do much exercise?
Do you get to eat healthy fresh food?
Do you get to meditate?

If it is hard to mediate, then try to imagine a soft water stream flowing through your body

I found that when I let go of any resentment towards my mother/father
It was as if a huge load was lifted.

Trust your guardian’s angels they are your best supports in life.

May you find your inner peace...

I exercise almost daily. I have switched to healthy food and have only begun to feel the changes. I don't think that I can meditate any more because when I want to meditate (say on the day) in peace and quiet I have demons in my head. Which is why I don't believe I can meditate in the ways I used to say Zazen or Tai Chi. I hope you find inner peace as well. Thank you. -Chaff

...looks like someone needs to compromise,<br />
<br />
thanks great post,<br />
<br />
needed this.

Thanks! What do you mean by compromise? *Heads off to bed*. I'll check up on you tomorrow. :) Night!

... you have to be STOP BEING STUBBORN and submit to them maybe? tiredz too, goodnight friend

Christ, like the voices the illuminati put in my head?