The Dragon Got Me Thinking

So I was praying to become a werewolf tonight. Yes, I'm on that bandwagon. I gave up on becoming a vampire because the spirit expected something of me I wasn't prepared to give. I started seeing visions of wolves. Which gave me the idea about becoming a werewolf. Something about the wolf is not a part of my soul even though I like nice doggies. When I asked myself if the wolf was right for me, I found that rare angelic spirit The Dragon show up. Now this got me thinking, was I a dragon and all the questions one would think about dragons. I believe I was a dragon in my past life. The reason why is because in an astral trip to heaven I took on a few spiritual transformations such as angelic, dragonic (draconic?). I believe I have been alive as a human before as well. I believe that all spirits are human inside. I believe in reincarnation in the form of spirits and creatures. Now I'm not fond of the idea on all days, but other days it's so spiritually amazing to think of coming back as a fly or something for a few weeks!

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Cool:D I really want to do astral trips one night. I ask my spirit guides before going to sleep almost every night...maybe one day:D

Maybe you should try to astral trip instead of go to sleep. That sounds off. What happens is when you lie down you fall into a state and leave your body in astral travel. It's not okay I'll go to sleep and astral travel in my sleep. Just wanted to clarify.

...LMAO no I am NOT praising them,
But those who think themselves hybrids and otherkin,
Only further their agenda that there are stargods (reptiles) out there that's ruling this world...

If the otherkin BS can be seen as TRUTH,
Then everyone would believe in the silly reptiles!

Didn't we all come from reptiles?

...dude you do not have to worry about getting hunted down by the FBI/illuminati,
people who talk like this about being tons of different animal spirits,
are cherished by the NAM...
you are the guy who make the HYBRID (reptilian -half human/half animal) thing more plausible,
you fan their new age proPAganda perfectly,
you are SAFE AS CAN BE...

...i have seen the same type of writing on starseed communities and GFL communities,
there you get praised for thinking this way,
everyone is allowed to think this way,

...but beware for saying you are JUST HUMAN,
then you get attacked and shiiiiiitttt,
everyone who is a HYBRID in the new age,
is cherished disciple of the "ascended masters"/COUNCIL OF 9,
and masters of the SATANIC THEOSOPHY movement,
with madam blavatsky etc. is TOTALLY COOL AND IN to be a hybrid,
even human/angelic aka human/bird with wings lmfao...

you are very much loved by the system.

Are you satanic? I know it's a silly question. It's not really any of my business either. I thought you disliked reptillians and here you praise them? I have a hard time understanding your thoughts. Thanks. -Chaff/Ezekiel

Personally I don't care for -your- opinion! :P jk Thanks for your post.

Hmm...that doesn't make it a fact :/