Wow, Demons Are So Helpful Not

Today I got **** for thinking again. I'm not even sure that they were negative thoughts. But to be attacked instantaneously like I am is such a violation. To be attacked at all, suffering or NOT IS A VIOLATION. Yet I live with demons.

Oh ya, that reminds me. It's things like this that make me want to live in the darkness forever. To burn in fire or be crushed in gravity forever. Things like this make me want to destroy higher beings than myself.

If I can I will remain in darkness until--

WhoisChaff WhoisChaff
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Hi Chafff,

Please be careful as you are been used by Banshee to get her own agenda across – her illusion of been a messenger gets so much in her way to see the balance of Dark and Light

As all of life is in balance Yin/Yang

Chaff - Yes Demonds are not usefull

Tell the demons that follow you to F..... Off!

You are so much better than them......

Even if I kissed the illuminati's *** I'd still be a slave. I pray to god the demons in my head are real so I can go to hell far away from the illuminati heaven. I was just teasing about what I said. I'm not going to cut your balls off. :)

Hay Bannie,

Do you get this simple message from Lau Tze

From the Tao
What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?
What is a bad man but a good man’s job?
If you don’t understand this, you will get lost,
However intelligent you are.
It is the great secret.

You said "Bansheeangel"
..if everyone are true messengers then this would be hypocritical,

If you get it?

Then who are you working for???

I'm working for Banshee, so you better look out! >D

And…. How is it working for you???

As I don’t claim to be a teacher - I am here to share life and share experiences

As EP was intended..

This opportunity on this amazing planet – so much beauty to see and to share with you all.

That’s me “The Hippie”

Today I stoped an old man almost getting beating by a thug….So me no teacher but help where I can….

If the thug was sent by my people, I would be very upset.

I like that you have a sense of humour still - beside the tough life you have. By the way my balls are still hanging - Take care

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this dude is not here to LISTEN TO ANYTHING,




...AND YET SOME "ANGELS" wonder why the fuukk i block their sorry arses, SINCE IT IS ALL ABOUT THEM IN ANYWAY, why should I argue with them, or allow them to comment on my posts, if THEY BELIEVE i have nothing to teach them in the first place, and they think they are the only teachers on the block? lmfao sweet sad irony!

I think you're a good teacher. the teacher is only as good as the lessons the students provide... I learn from some people's behaviour you see and convert it into lessons... I learn out of other people's ignorance...and teach others through it.

I'm almost as good as you at this. I think I'm just a little weak minded though.

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I have been called alot of memorable things in this convo.
I mean Abraham? I doubt I am worthy of such a renowned name in the Christian beliefs, but I will accept it with honor.
Unfortunantly Chaff I am leaving you with the Airhead Banshee here, try not to let her get to you, I feel you are more intelligent and open minded than she is.
Course you did prove to be the more reasonable and level headed person Chaff,
So good luck to you in your future endeavors.
Maybe next time you will get more intelligent people than Banshee (hopefully) and myself to talk to.

You insult my friend. Thank you.

... OH DEAR ABRAHAM MEANS WTF, OR SHAME... obviously he don't know anything about idioms or figurative speech. airhead? not level headed? lmfao says the dude who thinks HE IS THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED HERE TO HAVE HIS SAY, AND THAT HIS SAY IS THE ONLY VALID ONE AROUND... you don't want to converse with anyone if you think you are the only one that is RIGHT... seriously you are so UNAWARE OF YOURSELF AND ITS SPIRITUAL STATE, it is SIMPLY laughable, NO IT IS I THAT PITY YOU, shame, pats your back, god speed on your EGO rifts, YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE FRIEND.



What can I say? I learn from you. But does he really cut himself down? I can see that he does not see you.

...dude he don't even see himself, how can he begin to really see others?

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I'm going to sit around and argue with myself cause I went crazy and neglect all responsibility for the fun I am having now. Thank you. *Crazy smile*.

That is actually a good way to figure things out. Don't just speak to your mind though, say it out loud. Science has proven that we can make better decisions if we HEAR the outcome and think on it from there.
But hey I suggest you don't neglect your responsibilities...that can only end badly...

Is this why mason throws everything in my face? Cause I think it's ******. Jesus Christ. *Pause*. I think I said it.

... this mindwarper thinks he has all the right answers but he does not, that's why CHAFF won't get anything valuable out of him.

...nothing wrong with just breathing once in a while dude haha enjoy chaff!


I must have gotten caught up. Thanks.

... i am not talking about you chaff./

Thanks. I was talking about something else actually.

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...DUDE i want to believe that everyone is special,
but sometimes you gotta believe that real evil exists,
and some arsehole chose sides,
and there is nothing we can do about it.

Real evil -does- exist. This world is FILLED with it!

I don't like the word evil, to broad and very unfocused.
Anything can be evil by definition "One mans evil is anothers good, just as another mans good is another man's evil."
basically because we all believe differently we all have different morale values and beliefs.
So in essense what one person thinks is evil another does not, just as what one person thinks is good another does not.
Good and evil are simply opinions.
I try to focus on the law and lawless.
I can call you evil all day and it makes it meaningless, but the moment you break the law all hell breaks lose, because that is when you go down.
Just my two cents, I don't mean anything by it.
Just giving my statement on good and evil and how I hate the broad usage of it.
Were those words to have more meaning, like for example the words law, justice, or honor, than I wouldn't have any problem with them being used. At least with words like justice you can understand their usage, as justice is based on rules, you might not agree with a rule, but that is still the rule, this allows for a more broad usage of justice, but it is explainable, unlike good and evil. Gangsters can use the word justice for the reason that they have rules of their own, so when they bring justice on one of their own it makes sense, it can't be argued using any kind of symantics or beliefs, it just is. Good and evil are not like that, two people could argue what is good and what is evil all day, and make no headway, because it's all about what we percieve as good and evil.
So I choose law, and that is my good, evil are those who would bring harm to others, those who would break the law.

That's my two cents, take it as you will.

... let me get this straight you see good and evil are only opinions, so basically are an illusion, and there is no right or wrong...yet you say you FOLLOW THE LAW AND RESPECT THE LAW, wtf? are you high to contradict yourself this much?

I don't believe in justice any more. How does one person get to choose what is good and evil (wrong or right) for another person? This is my wisdom. Please don't trash me. Anarchy? Maybe. Maybe I have seen too much INJUSTICE in this world. Now I sound like a child. But that's what's exactly missing in my world is justice. It's always someone else's -justice- on -me-, or injustice anyways. Could anyone even understand me? I think there are not enough heroes in this world. Not enough honor. Just trashy filth throwing.

...THE SAME with some angel that got run off the road by some stalker or something, she called the police to follow and arrest the guy... and she said she doesn't believe in a right or wrong either, well if that is the CASE SHE CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF IT, call the police on the poor guy now can she? you new agers make me sick with all your lies. can she feel wronged in any sense if she does NOT BELIEVE in a right or wrong? then the LAW MUST NOT AND CANNOT BE APPLICABLE TO HER.


I didn't contradict myself at all... Good and evil are an illusion based on what we believe, the law is rules, it is not an illusion, it too is based on what we believe, but it is rules, a fact, not something we can just decide to ignore.

Like I said good and evil and justice are two different things. I understand what you are getting at, yes there are lots of injustices in this world, always has been always will be. It's not something we can just remove. People have minds of their owns and their own willpower and will act upon it.
I don't believe what you are speaking is anarchy, you speak like someone who has been let down alot and is not willing to look past your losses. I respect your opinion just as you have respected mine.

I personally believe it is equal in this world, we just hear about the worse things more often then not. You have to consider what "interests" people, what is going to get the most responses out of people.
people like me who would sacrifice their lives for others are more likely to hav ea say in someone doing something wrong than someone doing something right, therefor the media is going to cater to the largest response.

I believe honor may be a dying thing...I practice a code of honor, but not many people seem to anymore.

thank you Chaff for being the civilized and intelligent person in this conversation.


You're right they are false. I know I'm guilty of hypocricy too for spreading falsehoods that I'm a messenger of god probably knowing that people would listen, but really just looking for something.

...AT WARPER you speak about sacrificing your life for right or wrong but don't believe in it, you speak of justice and rules and say they are a reality and not illusion... you do contradict yourself, and it does not make you sound smart, it sounds like you want a medal, if right and wrong does NOT EXIST in your world then the JUSTICE SYSTEM ARE IRRELEVANT AS WELL. so you are saying you would lay down your life for an ILLUSION, nice to know, I AM SURE you will find many people in this f...ed up group who would do the same.

@ "...thank you Chaff..."
You're welcome.

are you even reading my words Banshee?I have not contradicted myself once....
wow...Hey maybe I do deserve a medal, "medal for those who have spoken to banshee! Banshee who is a know it all hypocritcal thingamajig! She don't know what she is saying, but man does she say it well!"

Chaff, you deserve a medal too! Holy crap we are war heroes! God damn look at us man, frickin legends!

... you have contradicted yourself since THE LAW IS ALL ABOUT RIGHT AND WRONG, are you delusional you twit? clearly since you don't say it exists yet in the same breath says it does...okay, go to sleep I think EP has you poooped tonight. bye bye

You really need to reread everything I has said...
Yes the law is about right and wrong, it is rules that define what is allowed and what isn't allowed, they are agreed upon rules, usually, and depending on the country, decided upon with the thought that they will aid or benifit everyone.
That is my good and evil, that is my delusion, good and evil are a delusion, we all believe in our own delusions.
There is no single right or wrong that is always agreed upon, so good and evil have no TRUE meaning, because like I said, if it can be good it is evil to someone else, if it can be evil it is good to someone else. This makes the idea of good and evil delusional.
Good and evil are based on the idea of extremity, right and wrong are defined by the ability to agree or disagree with it.
They are all beliefs. not truths, there for they are not facts.
There for proving something good or evil is impossible, there for they are only at best a definition of what we believe in.
I stand by everything I have said.
I have not contradicted myself at all.

...there you go again, good for you son!

You really don't pay any attention do you? I feel bad for you now..I can only imagine the life you lead...I hope the best for you. Good luck and may the force be with you in your future endeavors...hopefully you learn how to think, how to argue, and how to converse in a civilized and intelligent matter in the future.
Good night to you.

... you are not here to converse with me, so I don't need to converse with you. bye bye

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I'm having convulsions you devils!

.. they want their dark light to shine, but they look stupid if countered by the TRUTH = THE REAL LIGHT, and it makes me crack up all over, you know why it makes me laugh, because they know they LOOK STUPID, and fight hard TO NOT LOOK SO STUPID, by calling people names,hehehe, really, it only makes them look more fucccked up!

This sounds like a conversation that goes on between me and mason all the time.

..who is mason? of your demons?

Ya god damn free masons and their illuminati friends and whoever else they can get to play their games.

All bad people.

...well said, CAN'T believe the kardashians named their kid MASON, lol maybe he is just a reflection of their plastic lifestyle hahaha

I don't mean any offense by this, but what a terrible name.


...THEY SEE IT AS A ROYAL NAME, it makes them in alliance with the money big heads....

...why didn't they just call him MAMMON.

What the **** do they know about royalty?

Abraham's children will bring great kings? Who the **** are THEY to try to rule ANYONE?! They are the sinners of the bible.

...OR THEY wear rings of association like OBAMA'S allah ring...hahaha

They believe their blood is superior to everyone else's!

...much like people wearing new age labels on their shoulders thinking it makes them COOL AND ROYAL... but really FAR from any spiritual sense. Just because they believe in aliens and reptilians, doesn't make them ROYAL.

... reptile blood won't guarantee you a seat in heaven, only a short earthly experience as living as a king, but not in the afterlife.

Fashion is vanity, it's a sin. Damn right, they can only rule us on Earth!

I actually kinda like the name Mason, but thats my opinion :)
I wonder...maybe Obama is apart of the illuminati O_O
I joke...but wait...what if he is...maybe that would explain his insanity...

Maybe you know about my ******* insanity?

Your part of the illuminati O_O CRAP!
Run for covor! hide your wife, hide your children!

I just might...depends on what kind of demons you live with.

...dude he cannot even explain his own insanity, what makes you think he would know yours?

You know I ******* have been trying to hide from their god damn abuse and maybe yours. What the hell do demons have to do with anything?


I can too explain my insanity! It's! (In the membrane, insane got no brain...)
damn song pops up everytime I think of the word insane...

While I don't think anybody is abusing anybody in this post, (unless Banshee is abusing herself.)
I can't see any lessons to be learned from Banshee...It's the opposite of a lesson when you degrade intelligent conversations.

...yeah yeah it is the same with new agers, all they believe in is insanity, so everything goes, they don't have to explain it, and hate those who ask them to, nice.

I am trying. But the problem is they are always feeding me good AND a whole lot of humilation and evil bullshit that I don't need. I hate living with their truth and acceptance of my life. I just wish I could live my life without them interfering so often is my one desire. Acceptance and truth? Um...I'd rather not how many times do they want me to admit to some demon or something. I know 'get down with the sickness', but how was I to learn to live on my own...

Technically we all believe in some form of insanity, doing the same thing over and over in the same way expecting the outcome to be different.
That is the definition of insanity.
And we all act insane or believe in something insane somewhere.
I mean one way to look at it is not just the new agers, but all religions, same method, same beliefs, but no absolute victory. There is no one religion that is defined as being correct that can be agreed as being correct unanimously.
So technically we are all insane, and that goes for any irreligious people thinking they will "save the world from religion" hasn't worked yet has it? hahaha.

... DUDE the new agers don't think they are insane, so yay for you, you are one step closer to true enlightenment. chaff demons are always there for a reason, and if they want to throw darkness at me I WILL FIGHT IT, what don't kill you only makes you stronger.

Honestly it only makes me crazier at least tonight, but when I hear words that touch the soul I feel much better.

wait whaT? I never said they think they are insane...
I gave the definition of insanity and what technically is covered by that definition...
You really don't read anything I say do you? but maybe a word or two that you feel like of course...Or your responses would be even more unattached from the conversation...

..OH DEAR ABRAHAM, there you go again, whatever floats your boat son, row row row the boat merrily merrily down the stream.... only dead fish swim with the stream and not against it. chaff don't feed the demons, they cannot be reasoned with.... just say WTF EVER, do what you want, you cannot reason with the unreasonable...never reason with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and make a habit out of it.....they want you to FIGHT THEM, stop doing it, and they will see they have no effect, they want to provoke you, but why be provoked by brainless a-holes? that's just stupid.

Yet another post that has nothing to do with anything. Your a proffessional at being nonesensical aren't you? I can't imagine what it's like to live your life trying to fight reality...

... yes you are right dude, so go to bed now!!!

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thanks for that realization TODAY,

i never knew until NOW!


...MAYBE subtle should be changed to ELUSIVE.

So I have to teach the demons? The last thing I ever wanted to do was behave for the ones manipulating me. They're right. I am worthless.

...worthless to them, means problem solved...hahaha that's why those who see no good in me in this forum, that's why I AM SUCH A PAIN in the arse to them, I am not doing what they want from me, it makes them SOOOOO MAD, yep provoke them, by rebelling it keeps the darkness from spreading.


please stop fuckkking with me on chaff's posts,
it is unnecessary,
and I don't understand what you seek to accomplish,
don't place me on a fuckking pedestal,
I AM NOT SAINT, angel or saviour of mankind,
I AM ONLY A HUMAN seeking to help where I can,
out of own personal experience and on my journey of seeking and questioning myself.

the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others,
so I am here to help myself by helping others,
questioning and seeking with them.

i don't fuckingggg know it all,
SINCE then this journey would have been less adventurous
and a total bore!

Great, I'm loosing my mind.

If you want to help be helpful. Don't call people nutters for what they believe in that is different than what you believe in. Try and learn about other people first, you can't help someone if you can't identify the problem or you don't understand the person.

I think the reason you don't understand what apostle seeks to accomplish is because you aren't reading the words for what they are.

Nobody is claiming you are anything more than a human, nobody is claiming you know it all or that anyone knows it all, because nobody knows everything.
However your arguing against something you don't even know stuff about, which is just as meaningful as me trying to argue the correct way to build the inner workings of a tele...something I know nothing about mechanically.

...I ARGUE ABOUT STUFF I know nothing about? haha you clearly don't know me or where I HAVE BEEN, continue screaming and throwing false accusations, it makes you look cool you think, but from where I STAND it only makes you look like a fool. and people have called me many things in this forum before, not only your dear apostle, so shut your trap, don't try to influence me with bullshhiiit, it won't work darling, so back the f,,.,uck off.

Holy ****! I love this response!

Actually you do argue about stuff you know nothing about. I could care less who you are or where you have been, that has nothing to do with what we are talking about.
I care nothing about looking cool also...

I am not trying to influence you, but to help you be the helpful perso you claim you want to be.

You know nothing about Buddhism, yet more than once you have mentioned it in conversations it has no place in. Such as calling it a religion, or calling it a new age movement.

...mindwarper three words to you and it has nothing to do with love: go yourself!!!

... I WON'T SPEAK TO LIL boys who are so full of themselves and full of shittt, I know chaff is full of shiit but unlike you at least he is trying to make sense of it in a modest and humble way, not blinded by EGO like the lil twitttt you are! you should care if I KNOW ABOUT THE STUFF I WRITE, SINCE YOU CANNOT SAY I WRITE ABOUT STUFF I DO NOT KNOW AND FALSELY ACCUSE ME OF IT WHEN I KNOW A GREAT DEAL ACTUALLY... it makes you look stupid, and your ego stinks, fuclkkkk off!

@ Holy **** I love this response!
I think that showed up under the wrong response. Oops!

@ "I know chaff is full of shiit"
Hehehehe. Sometimes. :) So full of it!

Wow, nice use of caps...and your calling me stupid? your sentances...its like reading a 6 year old trying to type...

Yes he has been modest and humble, you meant unlike yourself, not unlike me. I am not throwing my ego around, I am simply correcting your mistakes and you are taking offense to that. I apologize that you do not wish to be the person you claim to want to be. My bad for actually paying attention to what you say.
I have not falsely accused you of anything. You know a great deal about something I am sure, but not what we have talked of.
I like my ego, it doesn't shatter or bend, and it doesn't require me to be angry or resort to childish banter, I would hate to have an ego like yours though...


...A CHILD DOES NOT KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG EITHER.... and they don't know shiiiit about the justice system either that is ALL ABOUT RIGHT AND WRONG, AND THAT DOES NOT DENY IT EXISTS... you are really f...ed up, and I thought I HAD IT BAD.

well seeing as how you bring nothing to the table, this side of the conversation is concluded in the conversation ACTUALLY ABOUT RIGHT AND WRONG.
I can use caps too ^_^
looks like it doesn't make you as cool as you think it does...

good for you, ffs you have a bigger mouth than I have.

what?lol, that doesn't even make sense... run out of arguments?

... you are not here to argue with me remember, it is all about YOU, and no one else, so I don't have anything to say to you.

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Get the ******* point. I can't take this abuse!

. Are you talking of the demons or the people? Are they the same thing, in my opinion they are, how do you abuse these demons back so that they can stop their fukkking shittt huh? We should seek a formula for that!

Voices being put into my mind. I can't even wake up or go to sleep because of them, god help me! I can ignore them during the day, but trying to wake up or fall asleep listening to them or when I'm bored?! G-d save me! want to destroy them because they WANT TO PROD you on to LIVE? They want to make you KEEP SUFFERING to keep you alive? Now you want them dead? Because you want to be DEAD? DEATH NEVER COMES TO THOSE WHO WANT IT, because you will even LIVE ON after this life and keep on suffering, so to think of some Peaceful eternal sleep is very unintelligent.

...It is the same with these new agers who dream of a HEAVEN ON EARTH TO COME, thinking all their fucccking suffering will END when the "aliens" come, WTF? just does NOT work like that!!!!

...ascension nutters are all cowards, they are NOT HERE to teach people how to live and suffer, if you still can FEEL PAIN, it means you are STILL ALIVE, they seem to want to feel nothing at all, be feelingless and emotionless, "cosciousless" despite all their talks about consciousness etc..... be happy you can FEEL it means you are still a living soul.


I'm already destroyed. Crawling through life beaten by it all days. Why give in? At this point I don't remember why, both the sun and moon are nice to me, but life itself walks on me like I was the foundation (oh a pun :/). -Chaff

whoa whoa whoa...ascension nutters? Really? REAlly? REALLY?

These Ascension nutters as you call are not teaching people to feel pain, the idea is to rise above the pain, the hate, and the negativity, to spread joy and kindness and remove ourselves from the pain in life...ascension nutters...
It's not an idea of world peace, that is niave, its an idea of finding personal peace and enlightenment, intelligence, wisdom, and the likes...

but that goes for any group, there will always be extremist, and always be crazies in a group. To define an entire group based on specific people or sections of people is rediculous, and highly unintelligent.
It's not so much stopping to be physical, but to be above pettiness and rediculousness because of these feelings. They/we all know that it is almost impossible to not feel these things, but the goal isn't to stop being human, but to stop living in degrading manners, stop bringing badness to ourselves and others.
these nutters idea is different from other beliefs in the idea instead of trying to become perfect or be perfect, that we strive to be better than the best we can be, that we ALL become someone to look up to.

that is a good way to put it.

I think I may have misunderstood your post Banshee, I went on to read a couple of your other posts, and your wording may be in reference to something else.
See I was relating mostly to Buddhism's "ascension" because I have studied Buddhism extensively and find it is easier to use what I know to defend other beliefs. But I don't think you were talking from that style perspective, but what you were refering to, the new agers, in other posts.
So I apologize if you weren't refering to spiritual beliefs such as that.

.... FFS ascension nutters want to wage wars and kill people, to make an earth of the "spiritually pure", how does becoming killers make them better or more advance than the ordinary criminal, and most vile people out there? They don't want to feel pain but inflict pain???? How the f..uck does that work? So basically they don't have emotions, or feelings and NOT SOULS and suffer from extreme apathy to be able to KILL people, so they want to eradicate the earth of those that CAN FEEL, those who have souls and brains that can still question things and do not just blindly follow faarkkked up cults like the new age movement!!! Tell me how imagining a one world of PEACE is NOT immature? Since it will never fuckkking happen, wake the fuuckk up, even if the new agers kill those who they deem "spiritually impure" there will still be wars and conflict between them!!!! Any religion even buddhism and hinduism is twisted in Satanic practices, especially those of the new age movement, used for their own selfish pursuits and sick causes to brainwash millions.

I don't even know where to begin...your comment is beyond rediculous and lacks any form of study or intelligence... I refuse to converse with you.

If you refuse to converse with me, why reply as if to offend me? Listen silly boy, I have been dealing with new agers for a very long long time, and you made it clear you don't know anything about new agers, so to call my arguments on them nonsensical, only means you do not understand it because you do not know what I am speaking about. You are the one that should get yourself educated, go join new age forums, and become their floormat you would soon know what I am all about once you just had a tweeny lil experience with these fuckheaded morons! And by the looks of it due to your lack of knowing what they are all about you are just like them, because they don't even know what they themselves are all about, they believe anything that fits NOT knowing its origins or true agenda!

I assumed for a more knowledgeable conversation originally...but there are so many things in that comment returned to me that I simply no longer wish to converse on the subject...
This line especially made me shake my head "Any religion even buddhism and hinduism is twisted in Satanic practices"
There is nothing Satanic about either of those, nor is Buddhism a religion...It is a spiritual path, basically your goal is knowledge, wisdom, and ultimately has no rules, guidelines from other people maybe, and basic beliefs within it, but considering a Buddhist can be of any religion, it would not make logical sense to call it a religion...

Now if you said Satanist or Jashinist were satanic, I would be inclined to agree with you. but your need for hatefulness against that which you don't understand or agree with is absolutely rediculous...

@apostle re

"Yah Banshee i understsnd the need to be extreme against extremists but you aren't winning anyone over who may even agree with you. You aren't beyond extreme you come off as being radical. You always seem so hostile. Rather than run people down educate them.nd point out the inconsistencies"

dude some people are so asleep you have to scream them awake or else they would sleep forever...........Like yesterday while taking a nap I was awakened by police sirens circling the neighbourhood, how would we have known there were dangers if we did not hear the ear deafening sound?

yes true maybe sometimes the EGO is bigger and louder than anything else.

.... Dude why don't you go yourself, if you can't take the cold and hard truth as the very thing I do with people especially in spiritual matters like these, then it is not my problem or theirs, it only means that they are the fuckkking cowards who can't own up to their deliberate false actions and way of being! Okay! You will be removed from my friends's list now apostle!

... I am not here to save anyone, I cannot save anyone, the world cannot be saved, I am only here to help people, or those who want to help themselves.

re: "Ignore me, block me, remove me from your friends list buy isn't that exactly the same thing people do to you when they dont like what you have to say?"

I AM NOT SAINT, nor angel, nor messiah you fucccktard, so that is not applicable to me, I can do all that, I can block people etc...but those who call themselves angels, love and lighters, well they are the ones who really should live up to the label they desire to put on their shoulders, not me.

..please go way back up to a NEW FRESH COMMENT posted on this thread, and stop your bs! You are only messing with yourself by trying to mess with me, what is it that you are trying to prove in anyways attacking me like this? Do you want to be the saviour yourself thinking you know all judging me like this? Well aren't you acting like a total dickkkhead yourself, totally inappropriate "messiah behaviour". *shakes head*

Totally confused at this point especially what with the "judging me like this?" bit... I believe in a different comment I mentioned the word hypocrite...if not, I did in this comment...

..apostle you only want to help yourself, don't project it unto me... I AM NOT THE ONE THAT NEEDS HELP, but you are!!!!!! hypocrite? well warper this forum is filled with it, why don't you write a new post, accusing everyone of it, even yourself with your snotty "know all attitude".

...this argument is useless... obviously we have two children who think they know all - apostle and warper, and now they are here to tell us what to do? okay, but it does not seem that they know what to do themselves, if they practice what they preach, they would not have been here writing bullslhit...and accusing people of shiiiit they are not even doing.

...they are the same as the angels, who preach love and light for all, yet all they DO IS JUDGE AND GIVE NO MEANINGFUL INFO...VERY MATURE.

hmmm...I see, so in your world mature is the opposite of reality. I get you now.
I also understand now why you are such a hypocrite, you are "mature".
I have given info, the only actual judgement I have given is based on your own words. Such as me calling you a hypocrite.
You whine when someone judges you and tell them to back off, yet you feel you have every right to judge them freely.
You claim knowledge of things you don't know, but when someone tries and helps you who wishes to help others, you slap them and tell them to shut up because they are right?

You who would claim logic while using the opposite, would tell others to practice what they preach, to call them judgemental...yet why do you not practice what you preach? why are you so judgemental if you don't want others to judge you?

I just feel like I have to say something to mason. I don't judge you in the way you may think. I simply hate the way that I am treated. I gotta say too that you're always the one who elicits a reaction. Judge not lest though be judged. Classic. Who can argue with that mason? A religious hero like you anyways... :)

... judge me only if you can teach me something, but you cannot teach me anything, so your JUDGEMENT IS INVALID.

That...doesnt even make logical sense Banshee...and it sure as hell doesn't answer anything I said... It's like throwing a flower in the wind and expecting it to fall strait down...

So I'm supposed to believe that these people who humilate me are teaching me? How about cruelty? Maybe they taught me hate. I feel sick.

...good for you!

...DUDE YOU DON'T WANT ANSWERS remember you are here to teach, so I HAVE NOTHING TO TEACH YOU, AND YOU HAVE NOTHING TO ASK, so don't want to learn from me, only judge me, it don't work like that. so pisss offf!

... I DON'T have to bring anything to the TABLE When no one wants to EAT what I PROVIDE, wtf? dude. don't ask for something you don't want. FO!

of course I have nothing to ask, this isn't about me in the end and you bring nothing forward that warrents a question...
I am not here to teach, I am here to help in any way possible, and possibly learn anything I can.
You have nothing to teach me, I already knew that...
I judge you? I have simply called you what you are...
You are very judgemental, yet you want noone to judge you, you are a hypocrite...
I don't want to judge you, If I wanted to judge you that would be the only thing I was doing. It obviously is not, afterall I am conversing, something you lack the ability to do civilized...hell you lack the ability to talk any matter over. You judge without actually knowing what the other person has said.


no, not everything is a lesson, you can learn from anything that happens, but even then if it's repetitive there is only so much you can learn from it.
Some people, for example Banshee, are so full of malice towards other people that they vent it on other people with no regards to the person themselves. They have no intentions of teaching you and no intentions of aiding you.
It is pure and simple malice.

I feel like I'm insane. This world wont feed me either.

... you DON'T WANT TO SPEAK WITH ME, you just want to shove your SAY down my throat, NO NEED TO CONVERSE with someone who thinks their opinion is the only VALID one around. TRULY you are just as much a hypocrite than I AM, so shut your fukkking trap before you reduce your credibility even further. thanks, I won't be responding to this unreasonable douchebag any longer.

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