The Law Of Oneness...

As a request, I was asked to explain my beliefs on the subject. So, here they are.

While the Law of Oneness is an ideal law in itself, I believe it to be untrue to an extent.

The idea is that we are all the same being.  This is untrue.  I believe that we all come from the same source, but we are not the same as that source. 

Think of it as siblings.  You would not call siblings the same organism, for they are clearly not.  They come from the same parent, but all in all they are completely different beings.  Sure, they can have the same interests, but that doesn't make them the same being.  They can share traits, but so can everything.  I know that I love food just as much as any animal.

The idea that we learn from being the same as people who are our opposites is intriguing.  So is the idea that we are all connected to one another.  I believe that we are all connected to one another, but not to the extent that the law states.  But, some of us are more connected to others than some.  I do agree, however that we are all connected to the same source.  A parent source.

So, I suppose you could say that I'm a bit divided on the the law.  It has it's truths and falsehoods like anything.  For the most part, I guess I don't really agree with it.
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You don't have to merge with the source.
As in going all neurotic schizotypical avoidance behaviour by dissociating yourself from reality,
To be actually part of the ALL/source/spirit...
By living in this reality and simply being you are PART of all there is already!

Thank you for sharing. You make a very good point about oneness is not sameness.

I like to see the ONE rather like a website or blog that contains lots of information that one can read but can't edit. Everyone can connect to that website via the Internet to access the website using different browsers. How each individual interprets the data depends on each individual's unique need and preference. Your interpretation of the data on the website cannot change the website.

I have experienced the Source in different degrees. Most of the time, I've been aware of myself as an individual within the Source. In other words, I've felt inexhaustible love and bliss while still being aware of myself as an individual. The last time I experienced Source, I lost all sense of who I am and I couldn't understand what anything was. I was in my bedroom at the time and I didn't know where I was. All I felt was joy and bliss. In that state you cannot function in this world or in any reality for that matter. It made me realise, I'm definitely not ready to merge in and be the Source as that would be the end of the creation experience.


...You don't have to merge with the source.
As in going all neurotic schizotypical avoidance behaviour by dissociating yourself from reality,
To be actually part of the ALL/source/spirit...
By living in this reality and simply being you are PART of all there is already!

I am very much aware I am part of the Source while playing the game of exchanging ideas with you. :-)

IF ALL ARE CONNECTED why don't anyone want to be connected with anyone really?

i mean look what we have here:

people claiming to be better than others,

and not even remotely related to them.

it sucks to be HUMAN in the new age,

because humans are the lowest species you can be....

if you are HUMAN you are hunted, trolled and attacked,

because no one wants to be normal,

everyone wants to be BETTER AND HIGHER than anyone else.


IF THEY cannot even relate that we all come from this EARTH due to our physicality,

how can they all relate coming from or stemming from the same supernatural force?

some say their HOME PLANETS are other planets, and when they die we DO NOT ALL GO TO THE SAME PLACE....



..NOT TO MENTION NEW AGERS ARE ALL DIFFERENT SPECIES ALIENS TOO.... they are not just ONE SPECIES... OR ONE SOURCE...THEY BELIEVE IN DIVISION, NOT UNITY.... BECAUSE they believe the more divided they are the more special and unique they are - worshiping the self all the more.

WOW i love your sharing, yes it is very true, we have the same parent Source (L) we are so connected to eachother and are all siblings, but not the same, not so different either ;)

...thank you!!!
the source joins us all,
but when people don't look at what joins us,
they get stuck with religious differences,
the religions are man-made law,
it is not DIVINE LAW,
different sects of beliefs bring division,
maybe it is better to have no belief at all and rather have faith in the SOURCE itself,
it is better to be part of no organized religion or cult,
it brings separation.

to say that ALL BELIEFS ARE ONE,
is a lie,
since any belief system brings division amongst people,
since man wants to play GOD with his own laws made,
different man-made laws in different sects brings DIVISION,
it does not focus on GOD or GOD'S law,
but on man's law.

I think it would be safe to say that every belief has something that ties them together. An ideal anyway. Every major religion preaches peace and love. I believe that it is up to the followers to fulfill that ideal.

... every belief has something that ties them together and that is to worship man himself as GOD BY MAKING THEIR OWN LAWS.

...they don't have to accept you for you to know that you are human. o_O

..what you don't make sense

... WE ARE THE MONSTERS THAT HAUNT THEM, hahaha we should stay here and give the angels hell, after all they like it, since it is all spiritual feed they ever get during the day. oh we have a lot of druggies in this forum, they all drink and encourage others to be deluded with SAINT LIKE, hahaha NOT!!! DRUNK ON LIES, it is the NEW IT THING. IN THE NEW AGE. WHERE EVERYTHING GOES.

... the fallen knows you cannot go any higher than low, lmfao...

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