Do Angels Have Wings?

There was a girl I worked with in college who had terrible allergies to something in the store we worked at. I barely knew her but she was a friend of my cousin. One time she came through my area with her hands over her face crying something fierce. She was completely distraught and disheveled. I felt her pain as my own and I panicked inside. There was this movement in my chest like a fluttering and without a second thought I moved to her and placed my hand over hers as it covered her face. I didn't even know her. I carefully moved her hand away to see her face and asked her if she was ok. Her face had broken out into hives from her allergies. She started crying even harder and i felt the pain in my chest again so I stepped in closer to her and pulled her into my embrace for a hug to comfort her. I realize now what i did but at the time i didn't know. Keeping my back straight and firm like a stone pillar I placed one hand at the small of her back behind her emotional chakra and the other hand behind her heart and very lightly held her for a just a moment to let her know she was safe. My arms were around her in a kind of cradling position and my eyes were fixed on the horizon above her head as though I were asking for strength to intercede on her behalf. I then walked with her to the office.

I have come to find that the body is the "expression" of the soul. When the soul takes flight the body becomes its medium on earth and postures itself accordingly. Many times the hidden meanings of the higher worlds lay concealed in our movements on earth. Think of the hand gestures spiritual people use, the teaching hand of the Buddha for example. Our nervous system re-presents our higher nature to the world and since everyone shares our DNA and our collective soul by allowing ourselves to become an expression we can evoke anima (soul) projections from others without them knowing.

She told me later she felt like I had wrapped my wings around her. I laughed at the time but I like the idea of that now, it’s how I feel when I protect someone, I wrap my wings around them. I think what it really is however is the energy of the heart being given selflessly, it radiates outward from our center like a soothing but forceful breeze.

Of course she was only able to understand that feeling in her own way, which was sexual. She stalked me for months, heh. We don't see God as he is we see him as we are you know? The love of heart is an extension and continuation of the love of the body (or perhaps vice versa). And so if people have never felt selfless love it is easily mistaken for desire or lust or passion. I knew however that in the end she just wanted another hug.
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.. no they have ENERGY that can manifest as wings or whatever they want to fit their purpose.

you are right the spiritual body is an expression of the soul on how someone feels... and some may perceive someone as an angel with wings and FEEL THE WARMTH OR LOVE COMING FROM THEIR BODY ASSOCIATING IT WITH WARM BROODING FEATHERS OF A BABY BIRD'S MOM.