The Woman And The Snake

One day a woman came home, tired from a long day of work.

She let her coat drop to the ground, kicked her shoes off without minding to untie them.

Than she sat her old bag on the kitchen table when the scent of iron filled the room.

Glancing at the ground, she couldn't help but notice the blood pooling at her feet.

Her jeans were soaked at the bottom in the red liquid.

Making a annoyed face, she followed the trail of blood to discover its source, the source of her current annoyance.

Coming to a closed door and where the blood seemingly came from, she picked up a metal bat she had near.

Opening the door, she winced at the sight before.

Laying on her white carpet, bleeding on the floor was a snake.

The scales were orange, white, red, and yellow. The pattern of the scales
looked like repeating hexagons, connected in a long chain.

A cut laid across the belly of the beast.

The woman sighed than raised the bat above her head, read to beat the animal without legs to death.

"WAIT! Madam I apology for bleeding every where but I needed refuge! I am but a wounded animal who has done no wrong! Why do you threaten to strike an claim my life!?"

"You are not innocent. You are bad, all of you are very very bad." She responded without much emotion.

"I have done nothing to sentence me to my death, what gives you the right to declare me of my sins?"

"You all are bad."

"Because one was made a symbol of the one who committed a act of treason? That does not mean all of my kind are sinful creatures!"

"Brother said you are bad. You all need to die, you dying is good."

"You take the wor of another as your own? Have you no opinion, no mind, no soul?"

The woman ignored the snake's remark and once agin moved to strike the snake.

Of course, knowing its life was in danger the snake moved back into a defensive position, fangs out.

"You horrible little beast! How dare you make such a motion against me!"

"What? You threaten my life! Are you claiming I have no right to defend myself!?"

"You have no ought to do so! You little devil! How dare you fight back! Just lay down and die!"

The snake and woman stared at each other for a few moments. Having thinking the woman was done with such foolish claims, the snake relaxed some to try and talk to the woman again.

As soon as it allowed its fangs to return to its mouth, the metal bat crashed onto its head, killing it in one strike.

The woman grabbed a plastic bag and shoved the snake into it, tossing the bloody bag into the trash and went on to clean her house.

For years on she would tell her friends and family the story of how the vicious snake had almost killed her.


I was sitting in class when I randomly thought of this.

Owning a snake myself, many times people will talk about it being a sign of evil.

By who though? Where did God claim such a thing?

By one doing something horrible, all are given a bad name.

The same can be said to countries.

Or even humans.

Your brother told you his car got keyed in the town over. You've never been there yourself. You've heard rumors of it being a horrible place to live.

So therefore everyone from that area must be bad people, no?

That seems to be how many people think these days.

So many people believe things off of what others have told them, not of what them they selves have discovered or experienced.

Fallen angels.

Hm... Where to take this one? So many topics can come to mind in this case, right?

If you say it to a by the bible kinda person, they will tell you the fallen are those who followed under Lucifer and betrayed God.

But what about... The others?

Angels have fallen for other reason.

Before Lucifer there was fallen angels.

After as well.

Some say angels fall every day.

But... What defines a fallen angel?

One who no longer serves God?
Failed a given task?
Doesn't view things the same way as others?

So many options, in reality the possibilities are endless.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right?

Agree to disagree on some matters?

I no longer have wings...

That statement can be taken in many ways, wouldn't you say so?

So does that mark me as fallen?

I never followed Lucifer.

I've only followed God...

But now who do I follow?

I work for someone, yes.

Wouldn't go as far as saying I follow them like a dog.

Isn't that what so many people do?

Follow some divine power like dogs? Bark and biting what disagrees with their master..?

"For one to stand alone, others must fall."

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Nice thoughts for reflection, thanks.

Dear Shori, does it really matter if you no longer have the "wings" , so long you still have got the "heart" (kindness, being humane, feeling empathy)!
Does it really matter ?
About the snake story... I am so heart broken and sad... It is true, ignorance is a tool of mass manipulation. The same has happened to wolves down here, killed and hunted almost until there were only a few dozens left tramping the woods. Of course, the wolf is the "bad guy" ! Thankfully in some parts of South America the snake has been represented as a god and both a healer and a killer. 10 years ago a German scientist was studying snake's poison property and potential to cure many forms of cancer.
Years ago, in the USA, a female wolf in a reserve raised by humans has the ability to detect cancer on the park visitors. Hundreds of people flock to see this female wolf in the hopes it may help them identify/detect the first stages of this genetic silent killer...
God has a way to slap us on the face and show us Truth. Snakes, Wolves and People are not bad. We are here and we all need each other. We are all brothers and sisters. Yes, animals, plants, rivers and alike... We are all just a big family.

Thank you so much for posting this story.

Thank you for writing that. Honestly, as a fallen angel there was more compassion and love and help in those few words than over a thousand worthless posts. Thank you!

You're welcome.

GuardianWolf, just like I mentioned above:

"God has a way to slap us on the face and show us
Truth. Snakes, Wolves and People are not bad. We are
here and we all need each other. We are all brothers
and sisters. Yes, animals, plants, rivers and alike... We
are all just a big family."


Incarnated Angels are Earth Angels,put on earth especially to give help and assistance.They have volunteered to come back as humans and face the same difficulties humans face and the same dangers.They are "hands on" Angels, active in our earthly dimension and have also agreed to be as vulnerable as any humans.They usually take on humanitarian professions,or key positions where they can help advance humanity and so can put themselves in great danger but have chosen their destiny.

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However i liked that alot
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Aww that is a beautiful story. <3

Poor snake though

Thanks... Yeah, sadly such things must be told to get a point across.

Yeah. Its a shame that people don't give each other a chance just because some one else did something stupid.


Wtf is your point

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Thought provoking... I like it.

Sounds like something we tell the children at home Tikki...

It just kinda randomly came to me


I'm just awesome like that

Yes you are :)

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