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I am new to this site and to this group and just on first observation I must say I am appalled and taken aback by the hatred that is present here. I have seen so called angels telling others to die and go to hell and I have seen other state that God hates them. Is this really how you want to present yourselves? You claim to be full of love and light but you show the exact opposite. I simply ask you to step back and look at your words and actions and how they affect others. I have seen hatred, cruelty, and death overwhelming this world and it seems to only be getting worse. Those of you who truly are who you claim to be I urge you to step forward and set a better example. Stop spreading hatred and instead remember your purpose here. That being said I hope to become friends with many of you.
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God is an experience, not a concept. Many who have a genuine spiritual experience go fleeing right into guilt and learn to project that out into the world because "someone else" is not being the "change they want to see in the world."

You can only change yourselves

Anything else is the ego's arrogance

When someone who is very identified with ego has a true spiritual experience one of the ways the ego gets their attention back is to tell them that the spiritual experience makes them special. It may tell them they are so special that they declare themselves prophets or saviors and they begin religions or cults with their specialness at its center. More often, however, the ego tells them they now belong to a special group, that they are one of God’s chosen people. This pacifies their egos, and since the are still identified with ego, this makes them more comfortable.

Ego needs you to feel guilty so you will fear God and stay away from God. Oneness threatens the ego. It allows you to be special because specialness is separation. But the ego isn’t satisfied with just the guilt and fear of specialness. It sets up restrictions that it is almost impossible to keep so that you will slip and your guilt will increase. In the ego’s religions, guilt is always kept in your mind. Sometimes it is you who are guilty; sometimes it is others who are guilty. In any case, guilt is made real to you.

So it is clear that the Holy Spirit does not lead anyone into these religions. A person identified with ego has a spiritual experience which terrifies their ego – and therefore, them – so they flee to a compromise where they can be spiritual and comfort their ego at the same time. They simply accept the “payment” the ego requires every time they have a true spiritual experience . Guilt. The Holy Spirit still reaches them, but in their guilt and fear of punishment i.e. the ego’s punishment, which they project onto God, put limits on how much.

i am new on here
you sound quite sane and sensible
i agree..i had a surf around when i joined the other evening..there is some bizarre stuff around
however..i read some heartwarming things by others

can i add you to my friends (if i can work out how..)? i have one friend in my circle, she added me.. she seems sane to
happy days : )

I would love to have you as a friend on here lol thank you and I certainly hope I am sane lol

I agree. It shocked me too when I first came here. How can you claim to be an angel at the same time as hating other people?

I do not believe it to be possible

I agree.

I am surprised this group has so much negative energy in it. When one thinks of angel, one thinks of purity. I guess purity cannot exist in human forms, therefore angels cannot be incarnated. Thank you for your post. Good one.

I will ask you kindly not to curse at me. I changed my name because the one I had was also the name of an internet **** woman and I do not want to be associated with that. I am not a guy nor is my name Mikeal nor do I claim to be an incarnated archangel. I am not sure where your bitterness toward me is coming from since I have never said a cruel word to you or hardly spoken at all to you other than in this forum. I hope you have a wonderful evening though.

Hello Ayastugi,

We are here to meet and express.

To know that one is not alone on this journey of soul expression
Each one has the nuance that is theirs alone.

To share and to know, to recognise oneself in one another.

It is such a blessing to be her at this time of change as our creator blends in the imperfection that is the perfection of dark/light into balance.

It is a joy to be here at this time.


Thank you. Your words are very true.