Earth Angels

I believe we are all angels here to help each other as we are inspired.  

Sometimes the work could be as simple as someone asking me for directions and me pointing the way. If I don't know the way, I wish them the best knowing that my wish will help them find their way. 

Sometimes,  it could be to help someone in a crisis. I then listen to how I'm feeling at that moment.  If I'm inspired to give physical help, I do so; if I'm not, I send love and light.  

Other times it could be as simple as reminding someone that they already have the answer within and to believe in themselves. 

Majority of my angel work is sharing my realisations and experiences in writing.

Here's one experience I had a while back, which simply blew me away.  (It's an excerpt from a story I wrote called "We are All Angels.")


A couple of years ago I had an experience that taught me how we are each other's angels. I was feeling energy coursing up and down my left ankle. I remember meeting a woman the year before who had experienced the same phenomena and we'd discussed it and attributed the sensation to maybe connecting to earth energy. Why was I experiencing this energy now? This continued for a week or so and I forgot about it. At this time I was sharing the house with my mother. She was out for the evening and I thought I would do some meditation. The answerphone was built into the system so even if the phone rings, you're not disturbed as you can't hear the messages. I switched off the phone and television.

I closed my eyes to meditate. I suddenly 'saw' myself walking down a particular road where the woman who shared the energy whatsit lived. I had only been to her house once and I couldn't remember her house number. "Look mate, you know I can't stand conundrums," I said to God. "If you want me to meet up with this woman you're going to have to provide something more tangible like her address and telephone number. What's the point of showing me going to her house when I can't remember how to get there?"

I've always loved cats. My mother at the time had this cat calendar. Even though I knew it was on the wall, I hadn't consciously looked at it. Something told me to look at the calendar. I admired all the cats and kittens and returned to the current month's cat. It was a grey fluffy one with great big eyes. I had this spooky sensation the grey cat was calling out to me. That's it, I'm cracking up. I'm off to bed.

The next day I checked whether there were any messages on the answerphone. There was a frantic message from the same woman with the energy anomaly. She said she'd been trying to get in contact with me for two weeks and finally phoned my healing teacher in Italy to get my number. Her cat was critically ill and not responding to the vet's medication. Could I go and heal him right away? The year before I had given some healing to the cat for gastroenteritis and, being the good healer that I am, I never bothered to keep in touch and find out how the cat was doing. I had simply believed all was well and left it up to her to call if the need arises. Funny how I had completely forgotten about the incident. So a couple of hours later I walked down my friend's road, just as I'd seen in the 'movie' the night before.

My friend told me she'd been praying about the cat and been so desperate for my assistance, as the cat had been healed the year before. She shouted "God help us!" At that very moment I returned her call.

I found the cat lying under a table in the back garden, swaddled up in a blanket. Imagine the shock when I saw it was grey and fluffy just like the cat on the calendar. How could I have forgotten? It was as if the cat was saying to me "you took your time, didn't you?" I apologised for the delay and not listening to my intuition and did what I could. Alas, my desire to help was limited to what I knew at the time; energy healing has its limits. The cat passed away a week later.

My friend and her partner were devastated. The cat was their 'baby'. For days I thought about how to express myself in a way that could ease their grief. Soon I went to a talk about Maitreya and I was drawn to a card and the words spoke to me. I bought the card and posted it to my friend. A couple of days later she rang sounding really upset. Now what? She said when she received the card she was so moved because she felt the cat was right there beside her saying the same words. Her tears were of gratitude for the time she had spent with the cat. She told me she was feeling a lot better and now had a sense of peace. I left it up to her to call me if she required further assistance.

She called a couple of months later to share her good news. For years she'd been trying to get pregnant. Now she was. They had let go of one cat baby and opened themselves up to another baby they could share their love with. I was so thrilled for them and how events had turned out.

The whole episode with my friend taught me the value of being open and how we are each other's angels. I haven't been in touch for a while but now and again I feel energy coursing up my left ankle and I immediately send lots of love to my friend and her family.

I've now become so sensitive that I can 'feel' when someone is thinking about me or need my assistance. It's like feeling this energetic pull. All I do is let Spirit that I Am do the work that is necessary.

For the entire article see: "We are All Angels":
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...WHY DID you not include the last part that is most important of all to show all are "angels"?

hope you don't mind me quoting your blog:

"So my dear friends, this is a reminder for us to be open. Whether you are aware of it or not, each of you is assisting at a 'multi-dimensional' level. To some you may appear as a beam of light, or even manifest as a form according to the seeker's expectations. This is why it's important to love one another, whether you agree with the other's opinions or choices. Love is unconditional."

I didn't post the entire article as I felt it was too long. I only posted the part about my experience. That's why I included the link for people to read, if they are so moved.

Thank you for posting the final part. :-)

... RE

I have a problem with people who use labels to indicate self-glorification,

as if it is their main reason to show the world HOW DIVINE THEY ARE,


IMO that is not serving the source nor glorifying GOD at all.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


... I feel if all is ONE and they truly believe it,

then there is NO NEED FOR LABELS,

then why do they still call themselves things like starseed, indigo, angels incarnate, otherkin?

do you understand my dilemma...

for those who claim to believe in ONENESS would have no need to put so much focus on labels that would differentiate themselves from others.

You wrote: "for those who claim to believe in ONENESS would have no need to put so much focus on labels that would differentiate themselves from others."

It all depends on the motivation behind why people use labels. Are the labels being used to divide, unify or just as a point of reference?

I believe that there is only ONE manifest as the many and I believe in the ONE we are all equal. And yet, I use labels such as black, female, daughter, sister, aunt, graduate, writer, partner, British, heterosexual, human. If you were to ask me who I am I would tell you that I am Soul, have always been Soul and will always be Soul but in this reality I am Soul being expressed in human form as those labels.

A few months back, an Internet friend asked me if I was aware of what a "starseed" was as she believes I am a starseed. I said to her that as we are all soul then we are all starseeds. We are all angels.

Back to your question. It's not up to me to question why people use "labels"; all I care about is my own motivation.

By the way, if there wasn't an "I am an Incarnated Angel" group (label) here at EP, we wouldn't be having this dialogue now. Just shows how having a label can be a very good thing. :-)

Thanks for asking! :-)
You might find this piece I posted interesting.

.....IDK who reaad the full article but I realized one thing,
Maybe if all be angels,
Those who think they are the only angels,
They must be living in an incredibly small world,
If that is the case of them thinking they are superior to others in any way,
Then it would come down to a very small minded approach to life and others.

I see all as equal. IOW, no one is greater than or less than anyone. We are all the ONE manifested as the different masks we appear to be wearing. So we are all angels incarnate.

Thank you for your comment.

hi I read you say all are angels,

but I think you are posting in the wrong forum,


if you don't call yourself some new age label FIRST,

like indigo, starseed, crystal, angel incarnate, fallen angel etc.

if you say mere HUMANS can be messengers too,

you will be HATED IN THIS FORUM like the PEST.

just a friendly warning,

don't love humans here then you will be safe!

Thank you for the friendly warning. See, you are an angel! :-)

Thank you Thoughtbubble and Timechange2012 for your comments.

I should add a postscript that over the years, as I've grown in awareness of self, I do things differently now. For instance,. I no longer let people pull my energy; I just radiate light to all, as I am inspirited. My angel "calling" is to share my experiences of the Wonder in every day life aka practical spirituality.

After I wrote this piece, I noticed a van with the company name "Angel Plumber." I reckon the guy knows he's an angel playing the part of a plumber. :-)

Love to you both xxx

I like that Angel Plumber part. My kinda EP username, LoL.

Have you noticed ThrillsOfMind responded to your comment. Like attracts like - thoughtbubble attracts ThrillsOfMind - perfect match made in Mind. :-)

Hello Vector8

Your spirit helps bring in the balance of dark/light.
In this time of change is no wonder that you are here to support those you love and those you don’t know through the changes ahead on this spirit walk into the Golden Age.

Many thanks for this inspiring recollection of your life.

May you continue to shine and be a light to all those you touch!


Your introduction to the story reminds me of the quote from the book Conversations with God :
I have sent you nothing but angels.