Bullies, Hunters And Seagulls

I have a coven and one of my people had recently been having problems on one of the Vampire community web boards, a type of person they call a hunter. A hunter is someone who targets and tries to bully a Vampire (or other otherkin) for whatever personal reason, sometimes this can carry over to offline where the hunter stalks the otherkin at their workplace or even home. Every online community has at least one and they can be easily seen for what they are, they all have the same basic M.O. Bullies,hunters and seagulls seem to enjoy the past time of bursting onto anybody's posts and rip into them (or flame), SHOUT and create a general flap, poop all over the post, put down the author beliefs and ideals and even use vulgar language ( like ' F*** you and your hunger) and often create multible posts to 'point out' all the 'flaws' of the author all the while posing to be the one with the spiritual wisdom to pass judgement on others and accuse them of what they are most quilty of.
The fact is that these less than pleasant types don't know anybody from Adam and have no authority to tell anyone what the other person is thinking or to question the other person's beliefs, label them as heretics, sinners, or whatever and tell them how they're wrong and where to go with it all of which is laughable on the part of the bully, but there are ways to deal with their kind. Never include your personal e-mail, phone or address on your profile. You don't have to spend any time on their posts or comments, or even read them nor respond and that way the bully's negativity has no where else to go but back to them and they'll have to go somewhere else for their ego-gratification your attention would have provided. If you like you can also contact board admin or even change your profile name. Otherwise, everybody have a safe and awesome holiday and don't let the bullies, hunters and seagulls steal your happiness.
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Hay Bannie,

Question to you – If you chase after a married man and his wife, wanting them both is that not immoral – then who is the hypocrite then..??

Bye stalker of Angels…. I rest my case…..

Re Bannie...

So that you don’t have to assume stuff and get it wrong over and over again….

1. You assume that I follow a New Age GOD – Well I Don’t
2. I have never ever joined a CULT
3. I have never been baptised or gone through indoctrination into any deity of any religious group or new age.
4. Yes – I label myself as a Hippie who likes to read “The Tao Te Ching”
5. I follow balance is all things and aim to be cantered as said in The Tao
6. If I have offended anybody – then accept my apology
7. I aim not to assume - I try where I can to reach the truth by asking and seeking
8. I am glad that I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine as this helps keep all things in balance between dark and light. (yin/yang) - (mind/body/soul)
9. As I can I treat this EARTH with respect and it’s creatures where possible – Given up meat (even biltong)
10. Aim to live in the NOW
11. I don’t say the world will end soon

Take care.....

Hello Bannie,

If you do not stalk every story then why do you post the most here?

All you have is your assumptions of people - we all do.

The only way to have prof if someone is been harmed by someone by their talk of being an angel is to follow them in life to see – if they actually hurt/harm anyone.

We don’t – then stop your assuming about people.

When you assume that is all you have.

Your own interpretation of their life… (Is very simple to get – it is your view of them)

Each one’s life is very different – you have your family and your family interaction.
We don’t and that’s the view of your world.
So leave these people BE

Very simple…..stop stalking these posts

You are the one to claim to be a messenger – maybe your message is your own message for you…

Live for you…..your message is your message…

Because they are insecure…..

Why are the insecure so insecure and let the world know at the same time that they are so insecure?

We have a regular insecure TROLL/Hater who hates the ANGELS. They always show up regardless - Same way every time bursting in and rips with vulgar language.

I wish you too an awesome holidays and be safe…