When All Is One

Yes that's why all is one and one is all preachers are just trying to tell everyone that they are god.


yeah lol

they are one with the UNIVERSE,

they have all the POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE.


It has this implication. If all is one and one is all the you are all lol

and if you are all then nobody else matters but you..

this is pretty psychopathic narcissistic there is no other words to describe it.


people who claim contact with angels at least know there is a separation.

When All is yourself it's pretty much making yourself god and the rest of humanity don't even exist lol
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I agree with you. The mentality that all is one and one is all is very detrimental to mankind. When you begin to believe that you are everything and all that matters is yourself you neglect everyone around you and lose track of what you are living life for. Mankind is here to help, support, and love one another, not to curl into their own shells and take the stance that no one but me matters.

... i find it funny that those who say they believe in "oneness" think all is about them...... someone seriously messed with their new age beliefs to become so deluded and self-centered under a "oneness banner" of all things, I mean what the hell? seriously?