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Everyone Has Been...strange.

The title pretty much says it. Everyone I know is acting strange. Even people I don't know that I go to school with have odd behavior now. In the last two weeks my school has had 5 or 6 fights. People are more cruel and colder. I know people lose their nerves but this is more popular now. Especially has been in the last month. But even for myself I have sorta had an awakening I guess you could say... I got talking to my friend who's emotionally stronger than me. We started talking about her sisters 6 month death day would come on Christmas day. Well i suddenly got chills and "inspirational speakers" popped in my mind. You know those people that make you feel better about yourself. Well me and my friend have been through everything together. Deaths, birthdays, Christmases. Everything. Well we've also been through tradegy after tradegy. We both came back stronger and stronger each time. We both made stupid mistakes and came back stronger each time too. And that shooting in CT? I want to tell people that even though they lost their best friend cousin sister however the relation, that they are watching down on them and that everyday they should wake up and say "I'm living today and everyday in their honor. No matter what." plus, my friend and I are quite mature for our age. I swear we're sisters. Any input would be greatly generous(:
bandkidd bandkidd 13-15, F 5 Responses Dec 16, 2012

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.......Don't know what world you live in,
But people act strange ALL the time!

I've noticed that...

I think you are coming into your awakening. When I awakened, I started to delelop empathy, meaning I can sense emotions and auras. Now I am a full scale empathic. This makes me wonder if you are as well.

Yeah and I noticed this too, maybe the end times are close, true christians aren't affected.

One of the reasons for this is because the government has removed the bible from being compulsorily taught in schools, this is why you hardly see any religious true Christians being cold like those people. If the bible was compulsory people would be more behaved and less cold.

When a teacher passed away at my school earlier this year, my school actually let in preachers and bibles. I was actually really surprised.

The bible is the word of God, God holds everything together, if you try to not allow people to worship God everything will quickly fall apart and corruption will spread rapidly and everything will fall apart slowly.

I have realized that.

I love love love love love love this post
I totally agree with you : everyone, EVERYONE is strange lately!!!!

I am the most weird strange of all probably