Don't Panic

You are in the new world...
Wherever you go... Don't forget to bring a towel with you.

And to take hitckikers in your car if you got place you angelic bystander!!

What do we do now??
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3 Responses Dec 21, 2012

.....I won't accept your apology.

Consider yourself blocked for asking an apology in such an underhand manner,

By creating yet another FAKE account to come and spam people with.

FFS! Why couldn't you have written an apology with your old account, the sphinxness/vennusaapple or whatever? But no you go and create yet another fraudulent account such as the blaraacuda one, a new profile altogether.

I don't find this very charming nor mature!

... Seriously I don't have time for fuuucking EP drama nor childish play,

I got a pm from patheon saying how you (venusapple) was sorry for creating a fake account and fooling around, lying to people,

But now I see you are clearly NOT sorry for what you have done at all,

You just keep at it.

Wtf is your problem? Why don't you just f..u..cking grow up and stop creating fake accounts when people do not want to talk to you any more okay... The block is there for a reason, and when I blocked you it was not an invite to come and spam and comment on my stories some more.

Are you obsessed with me or something?

Why don't you just off? Did I not make myself clear the first time? I won't be friends with someone like you with such a low character, it must be understandable seeing how you defend those with equally low character such as timechange!

...... Angelic bystanders are people who pretend to be angels but do nothing to help to world and stand by looking on as people get hurt and the world devours itself. Are you one?

Lol we need a towel, for the age of aquarius? For the water carrier/bearer haha

You do sound familiar, are you venusapple that came to create a new fake account to troll people with, I do not want to falsely blame people so I ask you directly. Why the name change from edenapple to this one?