If You Love Me Angel...

If you love me you won't put me on a long waiting list to be your friend like standing in a queue waiting to be accepted when it is my turn according to your nice little set of double standards,
You won't be patient to see whether I am worthy to be your friend...
You would add me directly to your circle and we would be friends forever!

If you love me you won't side with my enemies secretly working towards my downfall,
You won't go against my word and accept that of another over mine.......
If you love me you won't listen to rumors about me,
You won't listen to lies jealous people talk of me!

If you love yourself you would have had a little more self-respect than that!
Fool is he who sides with a fool rather than a wise (wo)man...
That is your collateral damage, not mine!!!
Don't say I told you so!!!!!!

And all these people with their fake friends,
Remember those who are a friend to everyone is a real friend to none,
So I'd rather be the black sheep and have but a few true friends than be friends with someone who does not desire to be my true friend and kindred in spirit......

A friendship based on lies is no true friendship at all,
And yes I know some people only add some people to their circles to use them and to see what they can get out of them,
Even just to see what they can bleed out of them to learn from them whatever believing they are no threat to them unless they provide them with daily entertainment,
Is that true friendship?
I think not!
I don't roll like that......

But each to their own,
Your character will be proven by your interaction with others!
Don't cry when I see through your hypocrisy....
And refuse to be your friend....
Because I am not a maker of fake friends!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Your words rings true in many ways and I am sorry you have been hurt by so many

...don't worry, I have no problem with normal people hurting me, but I do have a problem with those who call themselves "angels of love and light" who do that very thing, I feel the obligation to act in accordance with their talk is a much heavier burden they place on their shoulders, and if they say they are truly these beings of unconditional love, then they must have more to account for...yet I cannot blame them, they are JUST HUMAN after all...so I shouldn't cry or pity myself saying but I DID NOT KNOW IT, because I DID....and that is why I fight in this group, I find it funny actually wanting to make people accountable for things, they SIMPLY CANNOT DO, i am the stupid one here....lolol