Angels Real Are Not???

Ask me if i belive in Angels yes i do.My story is a simple one filled with the insight of my then young daughter Taylor who was five at the time the event took place she is 19 now.As a single Mom at the time she often slept in the bed with me afraid of what the dark held until one night when she was five and i was sick at home in bed sleeping beside her when two beautiful colorful angels told her not to worry that i would be ok.The next day she told me her story of The pretty Angels that talked to her and said Mommy would be ok and shined a light bright into the night so she would not be afraid of them....Do i belive in Angels oh yes i surly do for i am here as the Angels promised my daughter that day long Deannie
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

angels are definitaly real and thats awesome your daughter got to see them, I can sense angels where ever they are.. well an exact spot were they are gaurding over someone that is, it would be useless to just be able to sense them cuz they cover like every spot of the world, but i dont believe a single word of 'angel reincarnation' because do not die, if they are fallen they become demons in hell, and if the person who they are gaurding over dies they will spend the rest of eternity with them.

i can sense angels too, sometimes :)