I ******* hate these bastard mason witches and wizards and psychics and the whole lot of people who screw me--would have me believing that they were messengers of G-d (ya I said it) ..... go to hell. Leave my )#*($ing life alone. Shoo. So I have to repent publically cause I'm related to Jesus Christ and for what?--because I wanted a normal life? Hmmm? **** what else could I ask for? After everything you did to me. And I'm supposed to go happily off to life now, cause you people are enemies of The Word of G-d itself. I just want to much to get the **** out of here. I remember everything you did. I know you will attack me in the future. I'm tired of you people talking about my private life. I can not want to live a single second but I have receptors in my mind that make me happy and want to live---ya I'm pissed--I guess I want to live, but who the **** needs to be humilated in movies, by bands, behind my back, across the world, and overly ****** in the mind FOR......................................................? For ME? **** you. I prayed for 12 years to get you masons out of my lfie. And I don't deserve it.

Thanks for blaming it on me mason.
WhoisChaff WhoisChaff
8 Responses Jan 31, 2013

I don't get it..and that is Okay! I just noticed I had a few friends making many comments here and decided to snoop around! Got lost and now I shall leave you guys to it! Good luck to you all, Chaff, Banshee, and Skies! LMAO - Kim


This is like reading a textbook! ^_^ I swear I made it past preschool here but the responses are like crazy long. >_> I should have my computer read this too me but ... I feel half the words will not be read properly.

-Chaff- Old buddy old pal. Nothing is simple in life my friend. I feel the same way as you do to a degree but I gave up blaming everyone else. Messengers, tellitubies, mystik, screaming banshees ready to rip your clothes off can not save you from living life. Thats all I do and I've had my fare share of problems as well my friend. Keep your head up and just live and enjoy life. Easier said then done I feel but hey, its all you have in the end. Each person is here to teach and learn. Can't let someone ruin that for you.



We know no matter what we say to you, you will twist it around.

EP is here for all to share – share life experiences

Experience Project is a free social networking website of online communities premised on connecting people through shared life experiences. With an interactive, user-submitted network of personal stories, confessions, blogs, groups, photos, and videos, the company has collected almost 7 million real-life experiences as of January 2011. Users can join communities organized around experiences and interests, and view shared experiences organized by city and region to connect and interact with people.

Yet you use this site to tell people off if they don’t agree with how you think.

You use it like you own it and get upset.

You are the common denominator in your fights, so very simple YET YOU don’t see you as your problem – you are your problem not us.

Now that is IRONIC

In the real world - I do not know the people that Banshee Cares about.

Then how come can I hurt them?

Now that is an impossibility of impossibility that I am accused off?

Banshee said - As long as they don't hurt people I care about! Or else I will fukkkk them up,

WOW! You have to be delusional to think that any of us here can harm those you love WTF?


We Love you Banshee thats why you come back to us - you love us too!!!

The only people who have control over my thoughts are those whom I freely give it too.

Hi Chaff,

Yes, stay away from prepacked processed food. It has no nutritional food value.

Junk food too.

Fresh is best, if you can’t afford organic vegetables. Then soak your veggies in water for half an hour, this helps get rid of the sprays of chemicals they use. We are what we eat in so many ways.

Also do you smoke, if so is more added toxins in the body. (Tobacco and all the chemicals they use are bad)

You deserve better in life, then start with your body, your temple.

(Each day imagine a protective green field around you)


Imagine in your mind that you are giving MASON a send off party, and waving him good bye.

Time to go MASON.....