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     I did a Google yesterday and when I came across Anrael's story on here I decided to  join.


     I agree with what has been said here, that it can be quite an isolating experience. I also agree that awakening to this can be an extremely difficult time.

      My experience is connected to a past life. I have had, since a child, spontaneous past life memories of having been a German airman in the First World War. I was born in Britain, and my parents who were in their late teens/early twenties during the Second World War, were not at all pleased with me for playing games as a child in which I pretended to be a German in the First World War. I got in a lot of trouble with my mother once for drawing a Maltese Cross on a cardboard box which I sat in and pretended was an aeroplane.

       I was always interested in aeroplanes and flying, though I am female in my present life. I learnt to fly when I was 17 and became a flying instructor, and subsequently worked as a pilot for a small airline.

       I had never given much thought to angels.

       My experiences in those terms began, though I did not realize it at the time when I met someone I will call C. I met him on bonfire night, due to missing a train in London. I knew the moment I saw him that I had known him in my past life during the Great War, I also knew his name then. That had never happened to me before, that I had, to my knowledge at least, met someone from that life. In fact when I first saw him a voice in my head (I had never had that happened to me before either.) said to me this man's past life name and 'Trouble'.

       C. had been sitting in a pub on his own, when I first saw him. I had gone in to it to wait until the next train came. C. approached me and offered to buy me a drink. Not something that normally happens to me in pubs. One of the first things he said to me was 'Do you believe in people from another dimension?' I said 'No'. I asked him if he believed in reincarnation. He said 'No.' C. had, I soon realized, a great deal more psychic awareness than I did at the time. In retrospect I believe he had on first sight see that I was an angelic incarnation, though I was not aware of that myself at the time.

      To cut a very long story short, ignoring the 'trouble' part of the message I had about him I continued to see him. He began to have dreams about the First World War. At that point I told him about my own childhood memories about a past life and told him that I had recognized him in the pub in London.

       C. had some very strange religious beliefs. VERY strange indeed. His grandfather had been involved with occult practices, and had recognized C. as a small child as having superior psychic abilities. C. had had some very weird experiences. He said he had once gone up to a 'fire and brimstone' street preacher and told the man, in front of everyone, all the bad things that man had done in his life. They must have been accurate as the guy was apparently utterly mortified.

     He could also see ghosts. I heard him having a conversation in German one night - an argument actually - in my living room. When I walked in there I could only see C. He said 'Can't you see who I am talking to? He is standing there as large as life.' He gave the name of someone else he and I had both known in our past life in the First World War. Karl, I will call him, though we always referred to him by his last name, which was how it was in the War. I could not see Karl. But subsequently someone else who could see ghosts also saw a man who matched the description of Karl from the War in my house. I came to the conclusion that Karl was my spirit guide. I now think it was him who spoke to me when I first met C. and gave the warning 'Trouble', which I ignored.

       C. began to become increasingly controlling in our relationship, which I did not like. When I told him I wish to break off with him he became very violent indeed. After he left I had a lot of unpleasant psychic experiences with entities in my house. Which I am sure had something to do with C. A friend of mine who C. did not like began to have similar experiences. I now think he was practising magic against the pair of  us. I think C. was in incarnate angel, but not a good one by any means.

     A few years later I had a very vivid dream about Karl the 'ghost'. I kept thinking about the dream and I went and explored it with a psychic lady I knew. She put me in a light trace in an armchair. Suddenly there was this very powerful presence in the room. Very powerful, it felt angelic not human. She said 'He is here, Karl, he wants to come into your aura.'  I said he could and I could feel his arms around me through the back of a chair. I felt indescribable love and peace from him. He did literally feel as if he was trailing glory.

    A few days later I went to Lindisfarne, the Holy Island. I like it there and had been a number of times. I went in St Mary's chapel and there was a young man in it, who I felt SURE was Karl. He was wearing ordinary clothes, jeans and a sweat shirt, whereas when he had been seen at my house he apparently wore a uniform from the Great War. I said 'Karl?' to him  (though I used his last name.)

   He said 'I did have a life as Karl, but my real name is Uriel.' He took me over to a replica of St Cuthbert's coffin that is in the chapel and pointed to a painting of the Archangel Uriel. I had never heard of Uriel prior to this. The only angels I had ever heard of were Michael and Gabriel.

   I went thorough a very difficult time after this meeting with Uriel, and I saw him a number of times. Usually in Holy Island, but also in Warksworth and York. I have no doubt that he was who he said he was, Uriel. He once appeared to me on St Cuthbert's beach at Holy Island as a pillar of fire. It brought on in me what I now realize was a Kundalini style awakening. I said some of the most whacked out things to people in the course of attempting to talk about all this. Which I now look back on with considerable embarrassment.

   One of the things I realized about Uriel was that he had not just incarnated once, as Karl, in the War, but that he had done so many, many times. On Holy Island he showed me a life we had had together in which we were Vikings. Vikings behaving badly, I might add. I was sitting with him early one morning on St Cuthbert's beach when the scene changed and I could see the Viking ships coming into the harbour, all the modern boats were gone. I could feel the terrible fear that the monks must have felt then seeing those ships approaching, and felt very sorry for them. I seemed to have shared more than one Viking life with Uriel, as in the same sort of way, at Warksworth some months later, he showed me a portion of another one, and said that this was not the same as the Holy Island Viking life.

    I had a lot of difficulty comprehending why I should have an archangel that seemed to have been my friend in various different lives. I am not sure, but I feel pretty certain I had NO idea, that he was really Uriel incarnate in any of these past lives.

   Uriel did eventually, and it was eventually, he took his time, explain to me that I was an incarnate angel as well, as, he told me, was the friend of mine who C. took an objection to and psychically attacked, as well as me, when I broke up with him.

    It was only some years later that I found out about Doreen Virtue's 'Earth Angel' book, which I have very mixed feelings about. Someone mentioned here that they had had mixed experiences on one of these 'otherkin' forum sites, that was also my experience.

    I think, really, that is about all I want to put in the public realm about this. But I would be very pleased to hear from other incarnate angels. I think it is a very difficult calling, awakening to this. I suspect that angels have always incarnated here, but I am not sure whether we have ever been called upon, en mass, to 'wake up' to that fact before.

   By the way, a very, very good recent film, that I feel everyone with this interest and sense of themselves, would enjoy is 'Gabriel'. It is a recent, last year, Australian film, out on DVD, made on a very low budget by a private film maker. I thought it was stunning, and very inspired. It supposedly takes place in 'Purgatory', but it has a lot of parallels to earth.

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This may be a super old post but I need answers. I have no idea what I am. The body that i am in is not my body. Something with pure white eyes told me this and then i felt a hand on my forehead and heard a voice saying, "remember who you are." A bunch of memories started flooding into my head and they're really painful memories that have to do with war and suicide. I just dont know what i am anymore. I received a memory of me being hunted by something and seeing the body i am in now and going into the body to protect myself. I pushed out the soul in the body, and his name is Cole. Well technically i should be Cole, and he should be Kyle. I think it makes sense because at one point of my life i couldn't remember anything from before that day. I had trouble recognizing people such as my parents. I had trouble with normal life, and remembered my parents questioning it. I lost my memories and they're slowly coming back to me. Please respond i dont know what to do :(

I have had, since a child,
spontaneous past life memories
of having been a German airman
in the First World War.


So how can you be then an incarnated angel?

You are an incarnated German airman.

Omg nazis are angels? Lmao

I really believe that at our highest aspect we are all angels. <br />
I don't mean to challenge your truths but I have had an experience with what I took to be the archangel uriel, so I wonder if its more like an energy that runs through people rather than just one person in particular?

I believe you are correct, not all are incarnated Angels but incarnated beings of all sorts. We are multidimensional beings so each one of us is many things =)

That's a very interesting story, Manx.

I am 22 and this summer I have realized I am an angel and have seen a lot of weird things and I've been reading up about a lot of studies and research. It's mysterious the things I have experienced and the realizations that I have been coming to.


I commented on another story and identified exactly what they thought they were as well "earth angel's " There's many types of angel's that we choose to be or earned the right to be... it's not just reincarnation that is but a fraction of it all... there's spirituality , theres practice.. theres karma ... many , many things ..