I Think I Might Be An Angel?

My name is lauren. I was adopted when I was an infant. My birth mother chose the name destiny, but my parents decided to change it. I have always had psychic ability's and the ability to conect to people. I have always wanted to be a nurse or teacher. I love people and am especially drawn to infants and the elderly. I have had a fasination with angels ever since my grandmother gave me a little statue of one when I was three. She said it reminded her of me. I have always just wondered if I was an earth angel. Any idea's?

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Destiny (Lauren) I have a feeling your a incarnated Angel like me and many others,Your grandmother must be a smart lady to say a Angel reminds her of you!😇

You will be a drop in incarnated Angel,I was a Angel from birth

I never knew people labeled it earth angels. Lauren I hope your not an angel. What's the fascination with angelic beings ? Humanity is a gift ... if I was once a higher being and had an opportunity to be human I'd feel bless in which we are. Free will , love , hope , faith , forgiveness. Angels are warriors , worshippers , messengers and that's it. Do one sin , one disobedience and your doomed meanwhile , humans ? Noooo they get chance after chance after chance. And you can't question if it's fair or you lose your grace and are condemned. Enjoy your life and be thankful. Be careful what you hope for cuz it's not what's all cracked up to be.

best fuckkking answer on this god forsaken page in a long long while.

Yes you're a ******' angel.

I think it was a garden angle i think that it was your grand mother saying she will all was be with you david1957

As an angel you are able
to tell us the last character of

π (Pi),
you know,
the number starting with 3,14...

As an angel you are able
to make a circle
to have 90 degree angles.

No you are not an angel.
Angels are eternal spirit beings created by God to do his bidding.
You are just a mortal who has a possible personality disorder.

Angels do have the ability to incarnate into human forms as well, to do God's will on earth.

oh and i forgot to add... if you are told by an 'angel' it is not an angel it is a demon.. i have full knowledge over what they are capable of. and the way u feel with understanding and knowing peoples emotions.. i am the same except a little bit high on the psychic level because i do stuff to improve it.. you are a psychic nothing more..

hm, There is no possibility of anyone ever being an incarnated angel.. I am sorry, angels never die and if it'sa gaurdian angel and who they are gaurding over dies.. they will spend the rest of eternity with them though if the person they are gaurding over goes to hell the angel will become higher ranking angel because of it's loss. And if an angel falls.. well it becomes a demon and resides in hell to do satans bidding..


and where can i get some?

hi lauren,
my name is louise and i found out that i was an incarnated angel by looking on doreen virtues website.Their is a quiz you can do to find out.goodlook

I have wondered recently if i am an incarnated angel, i am very empathetic and people seem to always want to tell me their story, i can sense other peoples emotions. people go to me for judgement because they believe me to have a very insightful output on life. i seem to trust people very easily and cant find myself to say no or hold a grudge...i always felt different but often brushed it off as me trying to find a reason to feel special....i dont know... help me out???

hi there i am an incarnated angel and what you have said about yourself is exactly the same as me.

ahaha, I wrote that back when i was first awakened, i have learned much in the past 2 months....wait...2 months!? its only been 2 months!!???? jeez...I feel like i've been going through this for at least a year...oh man...now i reread what i wrote and i think i was the most confused little child ever...but that was 2 MONTHS AGO!? i need to take a chill pill lol

okay...meltdown over, i think its great you are figuring out who you are. it is an amazing experience to have when you awaken, and once you start, you dont stop. you will keep learning throughout the rest of your life

I am sure that I am an incarnated angel the angels keep calling me Seraphina.
I can feel my wings, and they are becoming really large. I am a psychic medium, and can see the spirit world very clearly and also hear the spirit people and angels. I have read advanced spiritualism for many years.

I see angels all the time.

I am a spirit composer of music and a singer.

I love all life, knowing all is the Life Force, and we are all part of the Creator.

Hi again.

I have seen many angels before but only recently have I had the great privilege of seeing one of the Seraphim. The amazing androgenous being was about 7 feet tall, dressed in long translucent light blue robe, with dark golden curly hair. It was quite clearly leading me onwards on the ascension pathway, holding my hand and leading me forward in the ether. It named me Seraphina and I could quite clearly see my long white transluent gown and large white wings.
Angels do exist they are with us all the time and the Seraphim are ther highest and closest to God

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listen to me. i was told that I AM MICHAEL. with such a strong force and conviction but do some research and plenty of people are in the same boat as you. we are told that we are some high up being but its holds no truth and it goes directly along with what the bible says about false seducing spirits that try to draw us away from God. Jesus is the only way to get saved and Jesus is the name all of Heaven respects. on that note, next time this being that says he is Arch Angel Michael comes into your presence say "if you are not a holy arch angel begone in the name of JESUS" just try it is all i ask you and see what happens. if you get a bad reaction and its hostile, then it is a demon force. please take my advice.

sammy send me an email, Tell me why you do not believe in angels... Ask me a question.

sifichic,<br />
<br />
send me an email and describe me your likes, dislikes and charactistics. <br />
<br />
tell me your favorite color and if you want tell me your first name please.

It's possible. I've wondered before if I am the same way because of my own gifts. I believe in angels, and I think it's more than possible that some of them are human.

So the Jimmy Stewart Christmas movie with the Angels ringing the bell on the tree are not real!!!!!???? I am so heartbroken!!!

When my daughter was one years old she almost died. I begged God to let her live. God told me it would be better for her if she died. I cried and cried and begged and said please God I want my daughter. I love her so much please do not let her die. She lived. God loves me that much. This part of my life I wrote about on my blog with a lot of the supernatural things left out for I have just started writing about these things only recently because I have been placed in the mental hospital so many times and called crazy my whole life by my own mom. my blog the post my confessions is about this happening. I left out my conversation with God though. We talked a lot and more than just what I said here too. http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/blog/doreen_van_assens_blog/

your story has many similarities to my own. I'd like to explain in more detail... I believe you may be one. Message me if you wish and I will reply.

we all are......we came from our Heavenly father and will return to him when we have finished our earth experience.<br />
<br />
We are closer to the veil as infants and elderly, and yes we seek to be near them.<br />
<br />
Once I saw a 6year old beside the crib of his new born sister.....heard him ask her 'what's God like?.....I'm starting to forget"