I Think I Might Be An Angel?

My name is lauren. I was adopted when I was an infant. My birth mother chose the name destiny, but my parents decided to change it. I have always had psychic ability's and the ability to conect to people. I have always wanted to be a nurse or teacher. I love people and am especially drawn to infants and the elderly. I have had a fasination with angels ever since my grandmother gave me a little statue of one when I was three. She said it reminded her of me. I have always just wondered if I was an earth angel. Any idea's?

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well infants and elderly are generally closest to the truth of existence as they have freshly come from or are to soon leave to the other side.

listen to me. i was told that I AM MICHAEL. with such a strong force and conviction but do some research and plenty of people are in the same boat as you. we are told that we are some high up being but its holds no truth and it goes directly along with what the bible says about false seducing spirits that try to draw us away from God. Jesus is the only way to get saved and Jesus is the name all of Heaven respects. on that note, next time this being that says he is Arch Angel Michael comes into your presence say "if you are not a holy arch angel begone in the name of JESUS" just try it is all i ask you and see what happens. if you get a bad reaction and its hostile, then it is a demon force. please take my advice.

A mistake people commonly make... They see that they have a mission... and a good one.. put both together.. the Idea of an Incarnated angel comes in.. If you want to put it into the bible's term's.. Everyone is an angel.. At least those who accept god, haha. But that just mean's i'm going to hell :p

Hello<br />
Me to, I just wondering if I am, sometimes I feel to like I am angel, sometimes I think that maybe I am crazy, but still in my mind that idea my felling, me to I feel sometimes that I have to help the people, and sometimes I feel so sad to much when hapen to me something I feel like now the people in the world are so wrong, I mean I feel pain when I see how is this world now, also I feel weird like if I am not from here and I want go home somewhere I don't know, I feel homesick, I feel like I am not same to other people, sometimes I can tell when I see who has a heart like me, and always my friends says that I am special, and really good heart, I always think about love and make happy the people, also my friends say I am person that likes give but not receive, my mom and my grand ma since I was little child the use to tell me that I have a star, something special, also I can see things, not often because I am scare but from child to now I see more clearly the images, I can tell if is man or woman and the cain of clothes that they have, also I some of m dreams tells me when my ex they want talk to me or the have problems, another thing that I have is dreams to often like something bad is follow me, and they tell me they want me in their side,and always I say that I am in the god side and they try to convencen me, but they can't, also I cans see somtimes the aura in some people,and the last thing that I have recently is with my boyfriend, the first time when I give him a hug I felt that I knew him from other place, but not here in this world, and my first though it was that he is and Angel to, and my suprise was that he feel something extrange to about me, I feel like we have something special, but is not like if I love him, is something like conection in this world, that we have to do soething together, like my soulmate I don't know, also I have that the people come to tell me their problems, so I don't know if really I am like what all of u says about earth angels, I would like to know even my boyfriend to.<br />
Thank u.

maybe an incarnated angel, Talk to the Lord God Seek him first before anyone for he is our creator.He will show you just have faith in him, spread light on to the world and fulfill your purpose on earth thats why we are here

Well, i have to say that you might be an earth angel, or indigo child, or maybee something else. But what every the case, treasure your gift, don't be afraid of it, and share it with everyone you can.