The Strangest Awakening

 I feel I am Lucifer's twin soul, Aphrodite or Venus.  I feel an incredible connection to Venus when it shines in the sky, and I have felt the voice of a powerful male spirit around me. I feel lucifer is pure goodness and light and love. I feel like I have a long history with him and that all of us are angels at our highest aspect, everyone.

The only thing is I have met another woman who feels she is aphrodite in her higher self, so this leaves me confused. I really want the truth to be coherent and apply to everyone but it seems like we are all doomed to be in our own reality bubbles with our own strange experiences noone else can understand.

Perhaps the angels are energies we all experience? I struggle to understand what exactly it means.


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b4eve<br />
Lucifer, Latin for the Bringer Of Light.<br />
Satan, Semitic root STN, the Adversary. (In Semitic languages, the vowels are changed to indicate tense.)<br />
Who said the fight was violent?<br />
We all were/are/will be angels again.<br />
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Have you ever read Job (pronounced Jobe)? Here is a guy who, through no fault of his own, is made the subject of a bet between God and Satan. So, Satan gets to vex Job for a few years. And since Job holds out, so God rewards him.<br />
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Both titles, Lucifer (insight, thought, and circumstances: Defense Council) and Satan (Prosecutor) would be useful in the court of God.<br />
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I'm with you, b4eve.<br />

i feel as if i am lucifer

Goofy, on the Lucifer thing, anything's possible, but not everything's likely. Just keep that in mind and keep him at arm's length until something actually comes of it should you make contact.

Wicked comment goofyangel, thank you! That really works for me, and certainly fits with my experience. Whats your story? I'll have a look for it...

If you feel any connection with Lucifer that seems good, the wise choice would be to sever it. Keep in mind Lucifer is an archangel, he will seem like the brightest light to you and you will stand by him but again the wise choice would be to cut that connection. I'm only trying to help you keep in mind. Remember, he is Satan and you must reject him you must because it will only end badly due to all of his empty promises.