22 Year Old Angel Incarnated

I recently found out I am an incarnated angel. My home is in the angel realms. I have not always been an angel but I've evolved into one. I have been a Mer-fairy, which is a mermaid with fairy wings and I lived in the faery realm. That explains my long, wavy red hair and why I am so attracted to water. My soul is more feminine and chooses a womans body in the spirit world. I have long golden hair, not blonde but gold, and green eyes. I have always wanted green eyes, and now I know why. I look very much like a cherub angel, both my face and my body. When you look in my eyes, you see compassion and sadness. The sadness comes from missing home. I am a very bright light. My purpose in this life is to help others and myself to become lighter. It is so comforting to know there are other angels out there. :) I love you !!

isabel33 isabel33
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 27, 2010

all these terms mean ntohing to me, they dont mean anything lol.

mer-fairies...what is the world coming too? Why would a mermaid need wings anyway?

i'm a hobbit in the spirtual realm. lmao.