I Was Told I Am The Incarnation Of Archangel Amethyst (zadkiels Twinflame)

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When I first came to Gaia it was a very complicated scenario to be in, like it is for many others.
I am a Pleiadian starseed and did not adapt well to this Planet, though I do enjoy being here and am not worried about ascension and New age issues.
I was told I am an incarnated Master of the Violet flame and also in another dimension the incarnation of Holy Amethyst being Zadkiel my twinflame. I incarnated as a whole and not as an aspect.
This was confirmed by 8 Mediums and channelers who had no relation to eachother and were only given a picture of me. It was also confirmed by an Akashic reader.
I work as a channeler and am eagerly trying to become a doctor though my area is Law. Being from the violet flame means that justice has much weight in our lives.
I do not consider myself as being divine or "godly", I am a very simple person and like the simple things in life the most.
I did not come here to justify myself or to provide you public information but if you have any questions or wish to contact me I will be pleased to answer you at my inbox.
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zadkiel., or T'zaedkeil if you want the only true spelling. Love to chat it up sometime so re ppl y ;-)XD