37 Year Old Incel

Im a 37 year old male virgin who's never been hugged or kissed or helds hands..totally ignored and unwanted. Im all alone in the world and noone will ever love me. Tired of being around women who judge me and hated them because of it. Im going to explain what the symptoms are so only an incel will ever understand.

It causes doubt, hatred, resentment, fear..all of it collapses on itself and soon enough we exist not live..I've watched my friends grow up, find their mates.

Your body isnt used to contact and it makes you uncomfortable to the point of shaking sometimes. Im all alone in the world and feel heartbroken because I wasnt ever given a chance. Sex is terrifiying to me, its not a simple matter to lose it. We have no phermone levels and women pass us by. The idea of being vulnerable is scary and its a mans job to please. Im tired of being judged, looked at like a science project.

when you see 40 year old virgin...only an incel would know that kind of fear and humilation he feels. You shy away from women from the most part. You never had a girlfriend because you know it'll lead up to that and your virginity is the only thing you have left to hold on to. Whenever you meet someone who has never had a girlfriend, you know there a virgin.

I've retreated from the world. 90% of the time Im alone except for work. I hate myself and my life often wondering whats wrong with. Im shouting behind sound proof glass and noone can hear me...Im the case when I ask for someone to please help me and they never did...Im hoping for a kind response from both men and women. thanks for listening. I dont have anwhere else to go.
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All I can say is find the root of your problem (sounds like social anxiety) and find a way to overturn it. You must FORCE yourself into uncomfortable situations so that you can become used to it.

Also, if you're unattractive in your society (or fat), don't have unrealistic expectations. You aren't going to get a model or someone that you even consider plain. Most women (and I will generalize on this) want a man that's thin to stocky (muscular). NOT fat. FAT is NOT attractive.

Finally, please don't be like some hypocritical judgmental fools. Women want what we want. You do as well. You shouldn't judge us for that. There's no reason to hate us due to your inability to approach a woman. How is THAT our fault? Do you realize that you could be sending off certain signals that may turn us off to you? The Creep Vibe is something a lot of men don't seem to get.

hi proofreader,im in your situation.im 33,also with no sexual experience other than a lapdance.im a little embarrassed to be a 33 year old virgin.the loneliness of incel due to shyness sank in when i got to 19,so incel has hurt for 14 years.my shyness is so severe that ive never even tried to ask a girl out.i would be unbelievably embarrassed to get rejected.i used to have friends,but they all went their seperate ways so i became a loner,i live on my own,only going out to the corner shop twice a week,i have no job.i have a "life".im either sat on the sofa or in bed sleeping my existence away.shyness is the worst thing ive ever had because it causes the loneliness.i remember when i went on holiday with my parents,i went for a walk on my own,down to the beach.i sat staring at the sea,i almost broke down.it feels like a shell that you have to break through on your own.and the feeling of knowing that theres help for every single problem exept yours,because therapy does not exist,is awful.fortunatley therapy does exist.dr brian g gilmartin a proffessor,has videos on youtube,he has written books involving therapy.also theres a similar book called the love shy survival guide which im reading as an ebook.there are sex surrogates,therapists who eventualy have sex with their clients after maybe months of physical sexual contact as the therapy.maybe a psychiatrist could refer you to an apropriate source of help.one did for me,but the therapist seemed to throw me in at the deep end,and i withdrew from it.mine was cognitive behavioural therapy.id like to know what you think to this reply.hope it was helpful.