Trying To Do The Right Things...

I'm trying to do healthy things for myself. I'm trying not to focus on my family who have basically disowned me for confronting my father.
I signed up for an ****** survivor grp that was supposed to meet tonight but just found out I was the only one going (besides the leader), so now it's been cancelled.
Some days it's all I can do to get up in the morning. The longer I sleep the better because waking up is so painful sometimes.
I pray for strength and courage to move on from this but I have serious doubts. And i just want to escape so anywhere but here.
I know I have to keep on fighting but it's so hard. I am worried.
howdidigethere04 howdidigethere04
46-50, F
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

hi howdidigethere04, I have to say a cliche to you,,,,,there is light at the end of the tunnel,,,,even if you can't see it! I know it hurts and it is a long road to learn to survive and be at peace. But if you stop trying ,,,it will never happen. The only right I have to say this is,,,,,I am you and have been there. We are souls with bodies,,,,not bodies with souls. I still hurt sometimes over this issue,,,,but never as bad or intense as it use to be. It got better cause I worked for it. Why would I want to let them win? Ef them! hahaha!

I know you are right and some days I am good at convincing myself of that and others I just fall apart. I'm trying to persevere. Thank you. I say ef them also!!!