Okay, i may not be a survivor per se, but I had an incestous relationship with my.... cousin? She is my cousin's daughter. I was older she was in her teens.

At first I felt lots of guilt. She would stay in my room unitl really late (sleep over, in fact). and/or I would sneak over to her room. All this without my parents knowing (she was visiting from another state).

I still think about how wrong or how wrong it wasn't. I really do care about her. I would be kissing her in the dark and then kissing her body and I even grabbed her breasts and kissed them too but sometimes I would feel a bit too pervy. But the second to last night she willingly allowed me to fondle her private part.

after that I felt a bit sick I must admit. There are A LOT of secrets in our family and one of them is that it may be possible that we actually aren't related BUT I can't help but wonder that what if we are?

I have to admit I felt a lot better (or less guilty) when on the last night she actually came looking for me and texted me. I was just too deeply asleep so i missed out on getting frisky with her on the last night.

Anyway, I hope i didn't traumatized her. And I hope I'm not an abuser. But now I open the floor to your criticisms.
nilo1999 nilo1999
26-30, M
Aug 19, 2014