It Took A Brick, But Now I See The Light!

After 30 years as a Fortune 100 marketing executive, I see the light and am going to be a contractor going forward.  My slave days and 70 hour work weeks are over, and hopefully my single life too.  I got sucked into working long hours and always thought the weeks would get lighter in time, but they never did. I was recently laid off and feel that this is a blessing in disguise to make the transition to contractor. 

ARE YOU A CONTRACTOR?   I'm interested in learning from other folks your suggestions on being successful as a contractor, how to set up my business up (i.e LLC), and any other helpful tips you have to offer from your experience.  Thank you and God bless!

enlightenedcorpgal enlightenedcorpgal
46-50, F
Feb 10, 2010