I started of making animation film and short films and realized that script IS KING BUT ACTORS CAN MAKE OR BREAK A script.

So here i am with couple of stories; scripts available.
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That's for sure. You can have great screenwriting but if the actors can't portray it as you had intended it, it can go very wrong & seem so much differently than you had envisioned. <br />
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By the way, an editor can only do so much. If the acting is bad you can't just fix it w/editing. Even creative editing would make it strange & almost sci-fi like, unless of course that was your intention.

the only way to salvage the bad acting is using good editor. however in theater it is not possible.

So true, actors can make or break a story. As an amateur actor I have seen this to be true. I have been in 12 productions of our local amateur theather in 4 years. I have directed 2 other productions. Although, the shows have been a success I have seen actors that don't seem to portray their character very well. <br />
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Life is a stage and how you are viewed by others dictates your character.