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"Were not kicking you out, you just have to move out." my dad said to me one night. I came home and he told me to go into the garage. I was scared i was in trouble, but instead he was telling me how my parents were giving up and letting me go. I moved out the 11th.

My boyfriend and i are close, maybe too close. Were so great together but when we fight, we FIGHT. I moved into his house which isnt bad. For the first time ever i had to do my own laundry, and clean the house. Something i never had to do at home. But i have freedom, i dont have to be home at exactly 9:30 and i dont get grounded for little sh!t.

i am now trying to get a job. His dad told me to go home the other night because he couldnt stand our fighting. But im already gone and dont want to go back home.

BellaVara BellaVara
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

thank you :) i actually worte this a long time ago, we worked out everything we hardly fight anymore were soo much better! i got a job at a pizza place and was able to support the both of us. thank you for your support!